World Healing Circles

Imagine a World Where We Heal Each Other, Stay Healthy, Ignore Addicting-Over-Priced-Side-Effect-Creating-Mostly-Ineffective-Pharmaceutical-Monopoly Drugs…

Then We Reverse Our Aging and Restore Our Health, Fitness, and Vigor.
how to create peace in a world at war

Imagine saving the $14 Trillion Annual War Budgets and then another $14 Trillion spent rebuilding what wars have destroyed.

Politicians, central planners, and other war mongers do not understand the incredible loss of genius murdered by wars and political stupidity,

According to University of Hawaii Professor RJ Rummel, governments average murdering their own citizens at a rate of 299 men, women, children, infants, the elderly, and the disabled per hour. That number went up from 266 per hour to 299 per hour from 1980 to the year 2000.

In this section we will explore the ways of ending war without going to war or losing our souls in politics and the pursuit of political power.

Politics is a combination mouse maze and rat cage. The political circus is designed to bankrupt, stress out, corrupt, or destroy those who threaten the political power of monopolies, ruling elites, and their wars to sustain and increase their power over others…

Individual Freedom is the solution to power, control,
corruption, and stupidity…

The solution is not now and never will be fighting to grab the reins of the power structures and monopolies.

You and I are the only source of Individual Freedom.

Does that seem strange after being told by others that our freedom comes from constitutions, wars, police states, voting power to the right candidate or political party, taxes, and God…

Consider, if those sources of our freedom worked to protect us, why do they do such a poor job providing us our freedom to be left alone? Who claims they should control our destinies, our property (including our bodies), and our freedom?

What might happen when we challenge, innovate, and compete against every industry and profession protected and promoted by the monopoly powers of the ruling elites?

We will explore how to create freedom in a world desperately in need of the benefits created and maintained by our freedom to innovate, replace, and make obsolete yesterday’s successes.

Henry Ford was a genius who was called stupid by the media.

By some standards, he was stupid. He was prejudiced. He believed some people were naturally superior with a right to rule. 

Ford, JP Morgan, and others like them helped destroy the educational level of future generations by creating propaganda palaces where children could be dumbed down. The new school system sought a sweet spot where adults would be hammered into a mold where they could follow orders… But where their ability to question, imagine, innovate, and compete were crippled.  

I am amazed that those who take money by force from us and offers to brainwash our children have the arrogance to call this Free Education.

But we can and should learn from everyone.

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