World Healing Circles

Imagine a World Where We Heal Each Other, Stay Healthy, Ignore Addicting-Over-Priced-Side-Effect-Creating-Mostly-Ineffective-Pharmaceutical-Monopoly Drugs, Reverse Our Aging, to Restore Our Health, Fitness, and Vigor.

how to create peace in a world at war

And we pay for it by our savings of the $14 Trillion Annual War Budgets and about the same amount spent rebuilding what wars have destroyed and the incredible loss of genius in countless, senseless deaths. 

In this section we will explore the ways of ending war without going to war or losing our souls in politics and the pursuit of political power.

Politics is a combination mouse maze and rat cage. The political circus is designed to bankrupt, stress out, corrupt, or destroy those who threaten the political power of monopolies and ruling elites….

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