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The Planned Poverty Schemes Versus

The Planned Poverty Schemes For You & Me
By the 20% of the 20% of the 20%
Versus The Freedom Plot

Once upon a time, people were talking about the 30 hour work week. They wondered, how far down our work weeks could go to provide for our needs plus a wealth of opportunities?

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Unfortunately there are people, the descendants of royalty, tyranny, and decadent rich, who have a hole in their soul. They limit the lives of others with money they inherited or have taken through corruption, political manipulations and controls.

They promote wars, monopoly, cartels, conglomerates, taxes, genocide, Malthusian math, governments, politics, and every instrument of misery on the planet. The .8% are indifferent to life, suffering, and injustice.  

Note: When we say Uber-Rich, we mean owners of the Federal Reserve, Dictators, those who claim “I am Royalty,” Monopoly Owners or Controllers, the Politically Powerful, and other heads of other crime families. 

We do not mean part-time Uber ride share drivers. We hope that no Uber driver will take offense because they share a name with mass murderers, manipulators, and other members of the criminal classes. 

We respect Uber Drivers and all Free Market Service Providers… the Uber-Rich not so much.

The Uber-Rich will sacrifice or destroy a $1,000 or more of our money or property to collect pennies. They will kill us if they can profit from our deaths and, sometimes, just for fun.

Bill Gates, The Club of Rome “Limits to Growth,” Malthusian Math Madness

Bil Gates and others claim that the ideal population is 500 million. Since we may not want to die for his convenience he created a non-taxable organization to promote his ideas about death and vaccines.

You, me, and others create unapproved wealth for each other. We frequently make entire industries obsolete with innovations. Many innovations benefit everyone instead of just those who thrive in the Politics of POO> (Power Over Others).

I mention Bill Gates, not because of his vaccine antics and vaccine profits, but because he smirks his way through countless video presentations on genocide. Gates promotes ideas of how beneficial it would be to eliminate you, me, our families, friends, coworkers, and about 7,000,000,000 others to create his dream of the way our world should be.

Sometimes he refers to the Uber-Rich POO> Private Membership Club Publication titled “The Limits to Growth.”

The power crazed use Malthusian Math

Thomas Malthus predicted the end of the world in 1798 in his “An Essay on the Principle of Population” because his analysis said population was doubling every 20 years. He believed this doubling would inevitably lead to starvation and wars that would end life on the planet.

I just searched several articles on Malthus and none mentioned that his predictions of the end of the world were proven wrong twice before he died. It’s math. How could math be wrong? Surely we’re all dead.

Things That Are Not Equal

In our articles, we define Malthusian Math as a manipulative strategy to misapply math to dynamic processes of things that are not equal.

Two times two equals four.

Four divided by two equals two.

Two equals two.

In Math, things are equal, until we talk about apples, puppies, babies, you and me…

Two large apples are not the same as two small apples…

Two fresh apples are not the same as two spoiled apples…

Therefore if we divide four apples by two, the answer is never equal when we consider real apples – and not  imaginary apples in our minds. The variables in the differences in 4 real apples is almost infinite. You might get the worm.

Malthus applied his math formulas to say that mankind doubled in numbers every 20 years.

Dynamic changes and other differences are not considered in his formulas.

Malthus ignored or didn’t notice innovation in farming and other improvements of the Industrial Revolution that started before he was born.

Malthus didn’t know that as more adults lived longer, families reduced the number of children they had.

Mathematics is only effective when used intelligently and appropriately.

Malthusian Math is the science of using high intelligence to use math incorrectly – and manipulation correctly – to make lies seem reasonable to those being manipulated. 

Apparently the Uber-Rich feel good by comparing themselves to others they can control. If others are denied enough, then the manipulators think they must be superior.

Evil promotes POO as the solution to all evils.

Rich does not mean evil.

Evil means evil. Evil seeks power over others. Evil may be combined with many circumstances, rich or poor.

Evil guarantees no rewards… It may be that evil creates deeper and deeper desperation unless its addicts can get more POO>

There are 2 possible ways to create more abundance and wealth in our lives.

1. Innovate, create, gift, and compete using Individual Freedom and Free Markets to discover our best choices. This benefits everyone. The best of these eliminate politically protected, obsolete monopolies, cartels, conglomerates, politics, and other criminal powers.

2. Create monopolies, cartels, conglomerates, POO, and tyranny to take from others. And limit or eliminate competition and innovation. This method benefits a few at the expense of the many. 

There is a lot of misunderstanding about the two approaches, because some very good people take advantage of their understanding of the way controls and tyranny in our worlds work to create opportunities. Some play the game and make a lot of money.

People, who have a lot of money, do evil sometimes and good sometimes.

A few of these believe in the power of their dreams and schemes no matter what the results may be. They see themselves as gods. You’ve seen them and may know them.

Successful entrepreneurs, small business owners, artists, and innovators use what is in front of them in the best ways they can think of. Generally this means providing mutual benefit. This is applauded and approved by almost everyone around them. Their success also provides them more Individual Freedom than the rest of us.

Their actions are perfectly sensible and many of them create uncountable benefits for all.

There is one big problem – Our minds defend what we do and what rewards us even when there are better systems that allow Individual Freedom for all and not just a few. Success tends to defend the status quo even if the systems the successful have mastered limit the lives of others.


Wealth therapy tackles woes of the rich … – the Guardian

Oct 17, 2015 According to Oxfam, the richest 1% have seen their share of global wealth increase from 44% in 2009 to 48% in 2014 and are on track to own more than the other 99% by 2016.


It’s easy to get lost in who owns how much of what. The Uber-Rich and politically powerful control most of what they don’t own.

You may own some stock, or have an IRA, or other retirement program. But how much control do you have over any of those companies? Elections? Laws created? Can you afford to go to court if your sued?

Politics is the tool that claims “Might Makes Right” & “The Ends Justify the Means” to run our lives with criminal powers while taking our money, property, and freedom to pay for their empire.

Politicians take our money, create and defend monopolies, then tell us they are providing us with heroes and servants of the people.

Heroes and servants don’t take money at the point of a gun. Criminals do that.

They are not bad people. They are us. We were all raised in a world where petty tyranny is normal and glorified. 

The easiest way in the world to correct this situation is to end political power to take money without our individual consent and to protect monopoly providers. 

Those who honor the Individual Freedom to choose what works best will do their best to create programs that people willingly pay for without taking our money at the point of a gun.

See our page on Freedom Asking versus Copyright. This page will introduce you to some of the hidden costs of tyranny that politician magicians don’t want us to see.

This is a contest between how fast you and I can innovate and create wealth versus how fast the beneficiaries of the monopolies called government – and their tax collectors, regulators, police, and other toadies – can steal for the benefit of the few.

This brief video is on one topic. The speaker observes this same manipulation is used in many ways for the benefit of those with POO>

There is little question that we have the ability to create a world without permanent poverty, wars, and hate.

Individual Freedom is one thing we can do to benefit every worthy person, project, and dream in our worlds.

I find this information valuable. However information that takes us away from the essential confrontation:

“Which creates more wealth, abundance, morality, more and better… Individual Freedom or Tyranny?”

If we get away from that question, we go nowhere except around and around on our little rat wheels in our little rat cages, because we are spending our time debating something that requires time, research, and an open mind to prove it is possible.

It is potentially powerful information for entrepreneurs to use. If oil is the second most plentiful substance of our planet, it may demonstrate to a few, that our lives are made artificially hard by a small minority of insane uber-rich.


When we respect and protect the Individual Freedom of each other, no corrupted and/or stupid rulers can operate as if they have legal control over you, me, and our lives.

Tyranny can never be cured by adding additional controls over other people.

May You Live Long, Individually Free, and Blessed,

Don Winfield for The Freedom Plot