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The Power Over Others Axiom – (POO>)

“The Power Over Others Axiom – POO>”

The POO> Axiom: “Power Over Others Multiplies Corruption Times Stupidity Throughout the Whole Dang Thing… from the Elite Down”

“stupid defined as not necessarily of low intelligence, but having an unwitting tendency towards self-destruction.” ~ Doug Casey

*“The POO> Axiom” (Power Over Others) is a summarized paraphrase of warnings from Lord Acton, Ric Maybury, Robert Cialdini, and Doug Casey…

Take Note:

Lord Acton was Royalty.

Maybury & Casey are Wealthy.

Cialdini is an Academic.

Individual Freedom has support everywhere. Our supporters do not know what they can do.

Like us they have been tricked to choose actions that deplete their energies and exhaust their imaginations.

But their stated positions means those of us who seek Individual Freedom – for ourselves and everyone else – have potential support everywhere. 

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