Mind Magic For Abundance, Health, and Even Better

For Abundance With Individual Freedom, Use The Mind Magic Of “The Secret” & “The Law Of Attraction”

“The Secret” sold over 30,000,000 copies. “The Secret” is a book made from the movie “The Secret” which is about the “Law of Attraction.”

The “Law of Attraction” has over 4,090,000 searches per month just on Google.

Supporters of the “Law of Attraction.” have been unjustly criticized. Because if we believe as skeptics tell us to believe, we could twist the message to mean that we’re being told to sit in a corner and think without ever doing anything but thinking.

Research supports “Thought comes before deliberate action. And if we think on something long enough we will probably take action on our thought.”

There are many implications about influencing our own minds that we can take from the art and science of advertising, sales, marketing, brainwashing, propaganda, “The Big Lie,” hypnosis, NLP, and more.

That would be like creating an itch and assuming you won’t scratch it. Holding your breath and assuming you’re not going to satisfy your desire for air.

The Uber Rich can own the souls as well as the bodies of a large number of trolls. Trolls search the net and attack thoughts, opinions, and even questions to suppress freedom and independence of any sort.

Governments are the source of most evil on the planet today and throughout history.

Government is the struggle for power over other people, and their property, thinking, and innovations. For instance each year the US Government steals inventions from folks like you and me. The thieves don’t pay for what they steal, and it is illegal for them to tell an attorney or anyone else that the government stole from them.

Use these simple eye cues to guide your mind and the minds of those around you to create, innovate, and take action to build better worlds for all of us.

Do we only need to create a viral campaign that puts Symbols, Quotes, and Data about Freedom in Front of everyone?

Maybe. But like the Law of Attraction, it gains strength as we take actions, make choices, and learn from our experiences. Individual Freedom means saying firmly and politely “No” to all the schemes and dreams of tyranny.

We also have tshirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and more choices coming.

Abundance is, appreciating what you have. Wealth is, what you have. Of the two, decide which is most important to you. Then ask, Why not both? Then ask, how to create both for all?

As you order the Henry Ford Mug, you will see an option to order the Andrew Carnegie. I recommend you order enough to have one to drink from and one for pencils. Keep examples in front of you to direct your out of conscious mind.

Do we only need to create a viral campaign that puts Symbols, Quotes, and Data about Freedom in Front of everyone?