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Name: Don Winfield
Re: "The Freedom Plot Reveals & Promotes the Philosophy of Individual Freedom without Fear." Our opponent is "POO." POO is a belief in Power Over Others, Might Makes Right, The Ends Justify the Means, and the World Needs to Make Me Happy.

Once upon a time I was a proud taxpayer.

I believed that paying taxes was benefiting everyone and not just the Political Elite, master manipulators, and cooperating criminals.

Yeah I know, I was pretty stupid.

I use Doug Casey's definition: "Stupid" as "Not necessarily of low intelligence; but, unwitting actions that contribute to self-destruction."

Great innovative minds advise us to own every mistake, our own and those of our societies. Personal Responsibility, also known as Ownership, opens many doors and opportunities to think outside our box. Outside the box is where innovation thrives, competition begins, and change for the better may follow. Change includes risk. When we're wrong, we innovate again.   

I love paradoxes and we'll explore a few. The first is that boxes and other limitations can make it easier to be successfully innovative and competitive.

You and I are learning. We make mistakes and learn lessons every dang day we can.

Since we're both on this page, we have learned to question politics, politicians, and the politically powerful. 

Does "Might Makes Right" make sense?

When we question political power, we see structures built to provide Power Over Others (POO). And at some time in our lives we have believed POO was the true means to make our worlds a better place. 

We too have imagined that if we had enough power over others, we could make everything better for everyone.

Almost every book, tv show, play, movie, and even our wandering minds repeat the theme of Power Over Others POO.

The Freedom Plot is about tapping into the Individual Freedom of Others to create without Political POO and all of the other forms created to own and control us, our property, our thinking and our ability to say what we think.

The extensive belief in POO is responsible for our failure to change our worlds for the better.  

Battles for who has POO> doesn't get rid of POO>. Fighting for POO reinforces the idea that we should spend our lives fighting for POO>. 

As Walt Kelly's Pogo Cartoon Character once put it, "We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us." 

We Have Met The Enemy And He Is Us... Remember
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All of us, at one time, in some way, have believed if we had enough Power Over Others, we could make politicians, other people, and our worlds better places. 

Our attempts to create Power Over Others (POO) are as stupid for us as when other people chase POO. POO> may be the One Source of insanity that leads to evil in our worlds.   

You and I were force-fed beliefs that aren't true. Our schools, family, friends, and media repeat the lies they learn. The world around us influences each of us to think the same way.

We were raised in a society that believes:

  • Might Makes Right (whoever gets the most votes wins),
  • Whoever wins the vote (even if the vote is crooked) wins POO over me and you too,
  • Survival of the Fittest (If you can get away with it, it has to be OK),
  • Science and Religions never embrace change that threatens the established order (because science and religions are Godlike truth... no matter how many times they declare a new eternal truth has replaced older eternal truths),
  • War is the solution to war,
  • Politics is the solution to all the problems created by politics, politicians, and bureaucrats,

Voting has a long history of making things worse, one election at a time...

For a time we believed. As things are, so they must be. The things that are, won. The things that aren't, lost.

All change is evil except the changes that already happened that those in power approve of.

One problem we have is that POO still seems to be the only solution to POO. POO isn't true. POO promises and can never fill the holes in the souls of those who seek POO>

We cling to many beliefs and blind spots that hinder our thinking... And - more likely than not - we always will hold some truly stupid beliefs we're not aware of.   

The worst that can happen to any of us is to be both stupid and in control of the lives of others. Power over others is more likely to require corruption and stupidity as law than to undo the damages of tyranny. 

Our minds tend to jump to the defense of our beliefs when any of our beliefs are challenged.

I learned that I tended to protect my beliefs when I was trying to figure out how I was so smart and why others didn't listen to me. I saw other people who did not see as I saw, even after I told someone what to see and why.

I decided there must be something wrong with them.

It's embarrassing but true. And I had to be hit repeatedly with examples of the many ways I was wrong to shatter my certainty about how clever I am.  

We improve once we "Discover and Remember:

1- Discover: "We ain't perfect!"


2- Remember: "Other people are amazing!" 

Humility may be no more than remembering our own ability to make mistakes and the incredible ability of others to make the miracles that surround us with their own individual talents, skills, experiences, and absolute uniqueness. 

We can remain proud of our own ability without having to put down others to feel better by comparison.  

This means if we call those who disagree with us, Brain Dead, Sheeple, Zombies and other infamous names, we are being totally counterproductive. We're being stupid, because we're smart where we are unique. Their uniqueness can create genius, innovations, and obsolescence for powerful monopolies which would rule our choices. 

(We'll explore "The Death or Average" and how to find our "Unique Dark Horse Pathways" in chapters on innovation. Central planners and authorities seek to use POO to protect themselves and their kingdoms. Do POOpers fear the individual responsibility that comes with Individual Freedom? Do POOpers fear innovation and competition, which deflates the laws and protecting regualators of obsolete empires and customs singly and in swoops?  

We can help people discover new ideas once we learn to avoid spring-loaded traps that snap both minds shut if we attack their beliefs... Or if they think we have.

If we or they feel attacked, we quit listening for the things we agree on and the benefits we would like for everyone.

We'll examine why changing the thinking of others is not our purpose and not effective as we explore our worlds with Individual Freedom.

Yes, we will help those looking for answers and a better understanding of themselves and our worlds. As a strategy, changing the minds of others is a long slow way to "not likely."

We'll explore the paradoxes of change later as well.  

For those seeking answers, we can choose between statements or questions. Statements create arguments where questions have the power to open minds. And we must display our willingness to listen... We can't understand them and the worlds they live in unless we really listen..

  1. "Do you think we have too much government?" Versus telling someone "We have way too much government!"
  2. Tell a postal employee that; "The Post Office Sucks!" and they will almost always defend it.
    Ask them: "Can the Post Office be improved?" or "if you were in charge, "What would you change first?" and be prepared to listen for a long time.
  3. "Do you think our government has ever worked?" This is a tricky question because we were taught about the historical greatness of government in government-provided schools by government-certified teachers teaching from government-authorized books.
    Private schools and home schools have to parrot government-demanded beliefs. Non-public students must pass tests provided by bureaucrats saying how great our bureaucratic systems are... 
    So were we taught "Their Dead Truth, The Whole Dead Truth, and Nothing But Dead Truth?" Also known as the one best answer. There are answers and innovations that we test as we go, not just one answer that should not be tested or ignored as irrelevant.  
    Or were we taught current opinion, wishful thinking, and propaganda to program us to believe what we were taught are all facts forever true? 
  4. Do gargantuan governments work for our benefit or to benefit themselves, master manipulators, and those tying on their strings if they too can benefit from our loss?
  5. Have we been fed propaganda to create the illusion that our political circuses are what provides a system for everything good?
  6. Are today's problems because we aren't giving those who say they should rule us enough of our money and enough control over our lives?
  7. And why are other people running our lives - instead of their own? 
  8. How is it that no one should should run their own life and everyone's life should be run by someone else?  

Remember we have good news about our own power. 

We are going to share and explore different ways we can transform our worlds without politics.

I love exploring the lessons we can learn from paradoxes.

“The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth.”
Niels Bohr -
Danish physicist who made foundational contributions to understanding atomic structure and quantum mechanics, for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922.

I hope you'll enjoy exploring revelations about how we are manipulated, stripped of our money and property, and deliberately stressed by ruling elites...

Manipulators know stress interferes with our thinking. Under stress we resist better choices no matter how beneficial those changes might be. 

When we use the word "Freedom" we mean "Individual Freedom (IF)." 

Confusion Creators use the word "Freedom" many different ways because they know people respond well to the word "Freedom" so manipulators misuse it. They seek stress, confusion, and apathy.

We help ourselves when we explore how words are used to communicate and how we can clarify our own thinking.

There is no one right way to use a word. Words were made before dictionaries. New words are created non-stop. The definitions of existing words change. Dictionaries change to follow our word usage.

We do not own our languages. Any attempt to control someone else's use of words is censorship and an attempt to manipulate their minds. We can respect other people's choices of what words mean to them. 

We can explain how we use our words to help others understand us and counteract manipulative misuse by others. 

Back to my stupid beliefs: I bragged that I paid more in taxes to city, county, state, and federal governments than I paid myself.

I thought I was doing my duty to support my countrymen. It didn't occur to me that I was feeding our oppressors with funding for more controls, tax collectors, prisons, and oppression.

Borders or Beliefs

I didn't stop to think about "What is a country?" and "What Is My Country?"

Is my country based on borders or beliefs?

I was in the nightclub business. I had to buy licenses from the state, city, and county that cost me $1,800 (if I remember correctly.) That bought me the privilege of paying them a percentage of gross on liquor sales of 21.3% or thereabouts plus sales taxes on food and beer.

The Feds got tax money too. They taxed the distillers who supplied my customers my products.

I was an Unpaid Serf who collected: income taxes, sales taxes, liquor taxes, social security taxes for the convenience and benefit of government beneficiaries.

Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme and I was required to force others into it or put myself, my businesses, and all who worked with me in jeopardy. 

One way to look at things is; you and I are owned by politicians who squander our money and run our lives. They conquer other countries and tell everyone they're doing it in our name for our benefit. They make us hated targets so that we depend on them to defend us from the people they attack.

Godzilla Gargantuan Government

Ever heard, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help you"?  

One day, after my 3 nightclub ventures went bankrupt, I began to question the value of gargantuan government. At that stage in my life, I would have probably mismanaged the clubs out of existence even without excess taxes. With another 21% of gross that the business could use, we would have had a lot more room to make mistakes and recoveries.

I can't tell the entire story here and it's not needed. My mistakes kickstarted my education about some of the ways government didn't then, never has, still doesn't work, and never will. 

I went on a crusade. I spent years in reading, research, and unsuccessful attempts to discover how to make governments (city, county, state, federal) better. 

Here's a quick summary of what followed over the next 30 years or so.

I went to democratic party meetings and couldn't stand some of their ideas on socialism. They also didn't seem very consistent about protecting the civil rights of others or ending wars.

I went to republican party meetings. I couldn't stand their ideas supporting wars, censorship, protecting and promoting monopolies, and controlling the personal behavior of other people. They weren't for individual freedom to control our money, property, and lives.

The democrats claimed they could do a better job of controlling my life for my benefit if I would just help them get enough POO>

The republicans claimed they could do a better job of controlling my life for my benefit if I would just help them get enough POO>

Rights - For practical purposes, we will not use the word "rights," because it means so many different things to so many different people that it gives manipulators outstanding opportunities to confuse everyone.

The definition of "Rights" has been corrupted to mean, If you have a right, someone else has a duty to create what you want. Squabbling for politically provided rights has replaced Individual Freedom with forms of slavery. Those people who call themselves government assume they have a right to rule you and me.   

"Rights" are a continuing source of conflict as people attempt to control who owes who what, how much, who decides, and who gets to transform their wishes into laws enforced by cops using other people's  money for their benefit.

"Individual Freedom" does not require us to submit - to politicians and their nests of leeches - for the benefit of those who misuse political power.   

Freedom lovers don't waste time pursuing Evil. Political POOpers want taxation, regulations, wars, and other legalized violence.

Choose chains, handcuffs, war, and worse. A quest for political power to end or reduce political power is a pretty good definition of insanity. People who assume government is good, have been successfully programmed to jump from one thing to the next so they never stay focused long enough to see stupidity and corruption in politics.

They think the bad results that people who call themselves government create can't all be that bad. 

Then one day, I discovered the Libertarian Party (like Columbus Discovered America) and went from not knowing what Libertarian meant to LP State Chair in about 60 days.

No I don't think the LP is a solution either. I did meet some great people through the LP who helped me - eventually - see why the LP was flawed in its quest for political power. They duplicated the quest of the democratic and republican parties. The LP wanted to take over and believed they would do a better job. Maybe for a while... Probably not ever...

Imagine a group of people who decide that "Politcs doesn't work." Libertarians attempt to eliminate the destructive power of government by duplicating the political systems used by Republicans and Democrats with the idea they will do a better job with their POO.

The POO Axiom states: "Power Over Others corrupts and makes stupid too..."

The POO Corollary states: "So if you ever want to make someone corrupt and stupid, help them get elected."  

One of the reasons for eventual corruption and stupidity is that forces of greed and lust for power would invade the circles that filter the information politicians receive. 

In addition to Libertarian Party of Tennessee State Chair, I was a State Coordinator for the Fully Informed Jury Association.

I became involved with many different groups attempting to limit legal excess and corruption by using legal strategies to limit the excesses of those I came to think of as government gangsters. 

I studied, supported, and promoted organizations in the areas of privatization, health freedom, right to petition, and even tried to convince and rally legislators to pass new laws protecting our freedoms when they wouldn't honor state and federal constitutions that were supposed to be protecting us.

I consider these prime examples of temporary insanity on my part.   

There were a few politicians willing to help. We were massively outnumbered by those in love with the power, prestige, paychecks, and perks of government power to benefit themselves and the monopolies that helped them get reelected. 

I produced seminars on taking back control and responsibility for our own lives.

I figured I could choose seminar speakers as a fast way for me and others like me to learn and explore the cutting edge to create Individual Freedom. 

When we die, do we want to have lived as someone else's property?

Do we want a life that we were individually in charge of?

Who is responsible for our lives?

Why Not Freedom instead of bureaucrats, politicians, and their enforcers?

I stumbled through cleverly designed mouse mazes...

I had allowed my thinking to be manipulated and didn't know it. I was running in circles inside a box inside a cage and thought I was doing something to create solutions. I didn't even know my mind was caged.

This site can help you shave decades from the path I traveled to learn why it goes nowhere.

That doesn't mean there's no path. It means we must up our game to create, innovate, and choose easier paths for change.

Can we fix problems created by out of control politicians, bureaucrats, and the monopoly powers they promote, preserve, and protect?

We cannot expect the politically powerful and their beneficiaries - who create and manage problems they pay themselves to fix - to stop feeding on us. They are addicted to POO (An Addiction to Power Over Others, POO> for short) which provides power, prestige, paychecks, privileges, and perversions.

If those who profit from political power are not likely to cure the problems of Political POO, where can we turn to create our Individual Freedom? 

World class manipulators are pursuing an all our war against Individual Freedom, because innovators and entrepreneurs are close to making life so cheap that the 1% can no longer use money to buy people and politicians to serve them. They are racing against time when we each of us control our lives, our property, and real money. (Federal Reserve Notes are a monopoly money that the 1% print or pretend exists. FRN's are backed by guns under control of ruling elites, who buy, sell, and manipulate people with the currencies they create.)

Although estimates differ, the combined on and off the book US federal debt that our children and their children's children can expect to inherit is over $190 Trillion Dollars and that was before the Corona Virus Fiasco.

The exact amount is probably impossible to calculate. If we're not already there or well past $190 Trillion in Off Book Debt and admitted debt, DC will eventually zoom past the $190 Trillion Mark. 

A $190+ Trillion debt means indentured servitude for the many who will be owned by the few. The new forms of slavery will include debts, fear, protected monopolies, and the continued destruction of Free Markets and Individual Freedom.    

We can choose to accept responsibility for that multi-trillion debt problem. We grant ourselves the authority to eliminate this and other problems created by tyrants who pretend to serve us.

Many political organization use the motto "Protect and Serve." The mottoes just don't say who they're going to protect and serve.

DC is the seat of an empire that seeks more and more power. Every problem that they can make worse, provides them excuses to demand more power and money to handle the problems they create, promote, and protect.

DC (Den of Criminals?)  Dark & Crazy? Deacons of Crime? Death Cult?

One easy way for POOper addicts to increase their power is to promote hate, fear, stress, confusion, and poverty. 

Who thinks that politics promotes love, tolerance, and the protection of Individual Freedom?


There Is One Source that Grows Problems in Our World... 

This One Source is POO> Power Over Others...

There is one solution to POO>

The one solution is Individual Freedom... 

This website is about how we can replace tyranny using our one solution which is Individual Freedom...

Please note we don't say we can create a world without problems... But we can eliminate the major source of problem creation, problem promotion, and problem protection...  POO>. Power Over Others is The ONE Problem that supports every other problem in our solar system.

We can, individually, wash away the power of those who use problems as an excuse to tax, regulate, sponsor wars, promote hate, create Ponzi Schemes, Fraud, and Create Counterfeit Money.

POO> addicts want to turn all existing and future generations into slaves or Indentured Servants who can never get out of debt. POO> allows the appearance of legality to con games, monopolies, and more of everything bad and evil in our worlds. 

And Yes we can change our worlds without getting involved in politics, violent revolution of any sort, name-calling, hate, sterilization, or any of the many dead-end pathways the politically powerful encourage us to take. 

The Politically Powerful want us to join them in fights for power. 

We don't need their power. Yet the politically powerful do need ours.

All we do is take back our own power to choose and they lose. 

We take it back individually. And not all the armies on the planet can stop an idea and individual decisions to act on it. 

It's ideas versus armies, unlimited wealth, and POO>.

This is a foundational idea. Where these ideas lead are a part of what gives Godzilla ED. 

This site will introduce choices and innovations we can make - one person at a time - until the politically powerful have no controlling power over any of us.  

Ever Heard "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again then expecting different results"?

And its opposite "Don't Ever, Ever, Ever Quit"

Paradoxes are frequently ideas stated in such a way that they hint at other ideas. Paradoxes can make us question, speculate, and innovate. I love them; because they make us think and seek a variety of perspectives and answers.

We'll explore more paradoxes and conundrums on our paradox pages.

What do you think about restating the above as something like, "Insanity is doing something you don't care a lot about over and over again and expecting different results." 

But if you love it... 

Persevere until you succeed...

But expect to fail, learn, question, change, or leapfrog to your success.

Yes, sometimes success may mean we have to repeat the same failure over and over until we find the right circumstances or person.

Think of it as: We are a key in search of the correct lock. Faster failure will help but shaving our key might make it work... or not.

Which is correct?

Neither, Both, and It Depends...   

Many sayings are slogans so we don't have to think. When we find conflicting slogans, the clash of words can provide some very useful thinking opportunities to find missing insights. 

We are not keys. We are not locks. Repetition is not insanity. Words are not the thing nor the situation.

Words are tools for expression and thinking. They are not walls to create phrases that box us in.   

Why is that important?

We need to free our thinking in order to become better innovators and destroy the power of POO> 

  1. I assumed everyone wanted to know how everything will work when politicians, bureaucrats, courts, and police don't run our lives to supply what politicians claim we need and only POO> can provide.
  2. You don't have to spend over 30 years, as I and others have, trying to learn who'll build roads, fight wars, provide utilities, time traffic lights, protect us from guys with guns and masks who use force and violence to get their way and who aren't the police? 
  3. These questions are Wascally Wabbitts. If we try to know everything, we are on unending quests that keep us from the benefits of what we know.
  4. Surprisingly, we don't have to know everything... We only need to know why the best answers appear without POO>

Let's change the debate from Who gets the POO>


Which is better... Individual Freedom or POO>?

Despite all the POO Believers, we only need about 3% who understand and choose Individual Freedom. 3% should be about the right number to Undo the Evils of "Might Makes Right"


In order to reach our ends, we must create and use our desired ends to defeat POO>

The Ends Never Justify the Means Because the Means Normally Become the Ends... No matter the intent...

We must plant the seeds to grow the world we want to see after the failure and fall of tyranny.

In strength they see us as weeds that destroy the neat little rows of arrogant and ignorant monopoly planners. 

We can create abundance in a world without central planning. We are the accumulated genius despised by central planners and other assorted control freaks. 

We don't know the exact form our actions will take. Our mission is to tap into and unleash the accumulated genius of each of us. We can create better worlds for all.   

We Begin to Create Our Ends Today... They Become Our Results Today & Tomorrow...

We can create Health Freedom to defeat Medical Monopolies and Cartels - Unjustified Profits - Which Misuses Our Resources by Criminalizing Free Markets. The political elite Replace Our Individual Freedom with Politically Created, Protected, Promoted, and Unjustified Monopoly Profits... 

IHF (Individual Health Freedom) can reduce costs by 90% and improve our health, healing, and fitness technologies by 10 times. Then we do it again.

We can create and promote 90/10 Individual Health Freedom Choices to replace the worst and most expensive medical profit creation program in the world. 

If that sounds a bit much, research the most expensive medical system in the world. Then search for the worst performing in the world.

If other systems cost 1/10th of ours and achieve better results, that has to mean we can do worlds better than the current price-gouging medical-monopoly mess that is protected from competition by POO>.

Other systems are not quite as corrupt as the one created by US Monopolies, Cartels, and Political Stupidity. 

Individual Freedom can unleash better and affordable, health and healing choices everywhere. 

Wash Away Obsolete Monopoly Power That Swats at Innovations and Cures

Innovation and Competition Can Make Entire Industries Obsolete... 

The automobile wiped out most of the horse and buggy industry...

Computers wiped out typewriters and many other traditional products and services...

The internet has revolutionized marketing...  

Innovators who took to the skies to bypass landlines and Cell phones were responsible for destroying the Ma Bell Landline Monopoly and the Black Handset and Princess Phone Product Monopoly...  

Political power responds to its incentives. The technologies with the money and power to influence politicians, bureaucrats, and the media are always yesterday's technologies.

Free Market Innovations make yesterday's most profitable and powerful technologies obsolete. Money saving, industry destroying innovations arrive despite POO> and never because of it.

With Every Competitor to Government Services We Create, Promote, and Choose to Use, We Wash Away POO from All Of Those Addicted to Tyranny


Why Today?

According to research, when we do something as simple as a free registration now, we are highly likely to make decisions that favor individual freedom in the future.

What we don't do something now, when our memory is fresh and our attention is focused, with our choice in front of us, and easy to take, we are less likely to make a good choice, because other things grab our attention, we lose our focus on why we're here now, and it can be time consuming and inconvenient to find our way back

The Freedom Plot... Help Us Individually To Create IF for Ourselves and Others Because Individual Freedom Means The Death Of Politics, POO, Scarcity, and Hate... 


Your Satisfaction Guarantee

Try us for FREE First. You have a 1 Week Free Trial...  

We are Innovators... Please Participate in Some Way or Accept a Refund with our Thanks for Taking Your Time to Explore Individual Freedom as the Tool to Defeat Tyranny and POO> 

You may halt your membership at any time without having to wait for us. You can go to your account and discontinue. You don't have to wait for anyone to assist you or provide any reason. Start and stop as is right for you. 

You start with a Free Trial. Don't ever start paid participation if you don't like the program. 

We operate on a gifting system. We'll explain how we use that to help others later. 

That's One of the Many Blessings of the Commons. We don't all have to support every cause to benefit from them.

Individual Freedom benefits every cause in existence; because most innovation and competition are hampered by powerful elites who cling to their empires.

With Individual Freedom, we are freed from control trolls and can rapidly innovate to help the cause(s) of our choice. 

Help us reach a World Wide Tipping Point for Individual Freedom. We don't need everyone to replace the stupid belief that "Might Makes Right" with "Freedom Creates Innovative Choices Which Replace Monopolies, Political Power, and Wars Without Violence."

How can 3% change the world?

You've heard people calling other people sheep.

Following the crowds is a good thing. It's an evolutionary benefit. It is a shortcut until something deserves our time and attention for good reason.

We don't have time in our lives to figure out everything for ourselves from scratch. We pay attention to and learn from others. 

In marketing, many products and services sweep away their competition when they go viral. That happens when products have never been seen before, too.

Revolutions don't need a multi-billion-dollar marketing budget. 

POO services are the most overpriced, worst performing on the planet when they are not just out and out stupid. They can't exist in the form they are today without funding, protection, and propaganda supported by guns and POO>

A small enthusiastic minority can lead others once they understand the benefits of Individual Freedom for themselves.

As long as we're trying to: be a political force... reform politicians... or grab the reins of power we lose. We have fought POO by trying to gain control over POO for thousands of years. It just doesn't work. 

Anyone who participates in politics is reinforcing their belief in POO> 

So participate in our program. Discover more about how our minds and habits work for your own benefit and the benefit of all of our worlds.   



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P.S. Power Over Others Corrupts and Makes People Stupid Too...

Corruption starts at the top then works its way down.

The politically powerful are the main sources with the time, money, connections, and power to promote hate, war, politically protected monopolies, and other forms of stupidity for their own benefit. 

POO> addicts use our money to pay for everything. The POO> elite can always afford more stupidity because they use our money and control our choices.

Our choices and what we've created belong to us or them. It can't be both.  

The POO> pyramid pretends we are free because they give us bad choices for their benefit. Individual Freedom means other people respect "No!" and our Freedom to create and select alternatives to the status quo. 

The only way to transform hate, wars, politically protected monopolies, and other forms of stupidity is replace political POO with Individual Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Innovation, Free Markets, and a simple "No" to those who want us to give them our power, our freedom, and our future.