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How To Use Censorship To Profit From Unhealthy Food Exposed

How To Use Censorship To Profit From
Unhealthy Food Exposed

Politicians claim the FDA protects us. They lie.

Politicians claim they are good for us… Politicians are good for themselves and those who reward them with money, power, prestige, and perversions. 

POO means Power Over Others… POOpers use force, fraud, extortion, theft, and even murder to control others for the benefit of the Political Elite.

As George Carlin said in one of his incredibly funny tirades about government corruption and stupidity, “I have certain rules I love by. My First Rule: I don’t believe anything the government tells me. Nothing. Zero.”

Politicians attempt to manipulate us with lies. As one lie is uncovered, political manipulators switch to new lies.. But they’re better than we think. 

Sometimes they just repeat the lie adamantly. Other times they use trolls (Trolls people on payroll who do as told instead of freeing themselves to become their highest best selves.) to gaslight anyone who dares disagree with them. 

Gaslighting is the use of people who want tyranny or have become so impoverished, they must embrace the orders and edicts of tyrants and fools or let their families starve or be consumed as a lesson for disobeying. They will appear to believe lies and attack those who question tyranny and the lies used to support the schemes, dreams, and whims of tyrannical cultists. 

One of their favorite methods of lying is to lie about or falsify something that’s irrelevant. If they can manipulate us to argue and invest time in their lies, then lying politicians and mainstream media talking heads can keep us from discovering valuable truths and uncovering lies.    

One example is the historical use of voter fraud to get us to focus on creating honest votes for our choice of candidates dedicated to evil. This keeps us from thinking about how the world can work without tyranny, politically protected and promoted monopolies, and the corrupting power of evil created by Power Over Others.

One of the lies the FDA tells us is that it’s okay for them to regulate commercial speech. They claim they are protecting us from manipulators who want to tell us about their products and services. They pretend there is some form of speech that cannot somehow be connected to commercial activities. 

If it’s possible for us to know about what someone said, there is potential commercial benefit for someone, which means the people, for sale or rent, who call themselves government will claim they have a right to censor what is said and decide for us what we can hear, think about, share, and use or not. 

They are POOpers. POO means Power Over Others. POOpers are sociopaths who believe tyranny is their secret reward for being superior beings where they rule, rob, or kill us as whim demands. 

We are encouraged to become sociopaths. Insanity can be voluntary. The good news is we can grow up and refuse to live worlds ruled by people, for sale or rent, who call themselves government. 

Individual Freedom is the opposite of politics. Politics is about me and you deciding for others, while they decide for us. That’s a decent definition of insanity.

Individual Freedom is about you deciding for you and me deciding for me. 

Our way out of the rat traps, mazes, and political manipulations by a cult of sociopaths who call themselves government is to choose Individual Freedom for ourselves and support others who choose their Individual Freedom even if that means they ignore or disobey so-called laws and regulations created by cult of sociopaths who call themselves government.

The only honorable thing to do is question every ignorant moron who calls themselves government and ignore or defy their attempts at tyranny. These cults need hate and fear to convince ordinary folk to harm themselves and others by following their whims, laws, regulations, commands, and edicts. 

Take back your Individual Freedom one opportunity at a time and support the Individual Freedom of others when and where you can. There is risk in asserting our Individual Freedom for ourselves or protecting the Individual Freedom of others.    

Our greatest risk is passive acceptance of the rule of cults of sociopaths who rule by promoting hate, fear, death, disease, our poverty, tyranny, corruption, wars, deep destructive debt, counterfeit money, and other stupidity. They will kill or enslave you, me, family members, and generations to come if we do not take away the power of obsolete cults and their rule of madness.  

The people, for sale or rent, who call themselves the FDA and cults of sociopaths, for sale or rent, who call themselves government claim we’re too stupid to make decisions for ourselves… Therefore cults of sociopaths, for sale or rent, who call themselves government have appointed themselves as our owners. They insist they have the right to tell us what we will do and what we can’t do. 

Here is an expose of one of their many evil schemes of these POOpers for Profit and Power Over Others. 

Expect more soon. Bookmark us and explore if you want to discover more. 

Live Long, Free, & Blessed,

Don Winfield, Editor

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