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How To Frame Socialism To Ignore Freedom

How To Frame Socialism To Ignore Freedom

Who wants to learn how to be immune to manipulation? 

That’s not possible. 

But we can learn how we are manipulated and protect ourselves most of the time from those who would manipulate us to further evil. As we learn to defeat manipulators, we help others at the same time. 

Why is manipulation so effective? 

Largely because manipulation uses the pathways we use every day to make decisions. We decide emotionally or for other “out of conscious mind” reasons and then seek support for why we do what we do. 

We suffer the illusion that we have considered the pertinent facts and details before we decided. Once we learn That’s NOT True, we can remember to stop and do radical rethinking about some of our beliefs and decisions. 

We can review our beliefs from a higher state of awareness to find stepping stones to become better people.

Manipulation can be built on our weaknesses.

A great way to cancel the power of manipulators is through continuous questioning, seeking, and self-improvement.  

Do we dare to go there? Do we dare to seek our highest best selves to benefit each other? 

Good news. It’s fun, fascinating, and a tad scary.  


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The Dark Art of Framing

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Why do intelligent people – sometimes even our friends and family members – continue to fall for the Left’s false narrative? Jeff Myers, President of Summit Ministries, offers some compelling insight into the ways in which the Left manipulates words and emotions, and what you can do to protect yourself. This video was made possible through our partnership with Summit Ministries.

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