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Accidental $100,000,000.00 Discovery Boosts Health And Healthy Long Life

We Were All Born with a Best Friend... Our immune Systems...

Accidental $100,000,000.00+ Discovery Boosts Health And Healthy Long Life

We Were All Born with a Best Friend Who Watches Over Us… Our immune Systems… * Isn’t she cute? 

Who Would Guess How This Little-Known, All-Natural, Accidental $100,000,000.00+ Discovery Boosts Health and Healthy Long Life with a Little Love to Our Immune Systems?

Healthy Long Life Anyone?

We were born with a natural health and healing companion that outperforms mainstream medical tinkering to support a Healthy Long Life… Our Lifetime Companion Is Our Immune System… She’s our Best Friend when we need help…

Now, How Can Green Tea Support Your Best Friend For Life?

Discover small simple changes you can use to increase your health, energy, and even reverse symptoms of premature aging… 

Why Our Green Tea Is Better Than Any Green Tea That You Can Find!

This Green Tea story starts in the college days of Dr. Morré of the husband-wife team Dr. D. James Morré, Ph.D. and Dr. Dorothy M. Morré, Ph.D. who created the Project for the development of the ONCOblot® Test. The ONCOblot® is a patient-friendly Laboratory Test for early detection of cancer.

As a student, James Morré was assigned the task of spraying weeds with a weed killer that caused the weeds to grow so fast, they killed themselves. He read an article by a doctor saying that if someone could understand how this process of rioting self-destruction by cellular growth worked, they could understand cancer.

And that started Dr. Morré on his path to understand the out of control cell growth called cancer and do something about it…

How many of you have heard that; “The best odds to defeat cancer come from early detection and treatment.”

Dr. Morré’s path led him to the best teachers and learning environments he could find to help him understand cancer. He eventually raised over $100,000,000.00+ for research and development for early detection of cancer.

The ONCOblot® Test verifies the presence of 26 types of cancer and their location 4 to 10 years earlier than mainstream medical testing.

In the categories where the test succeeds, ONCOblot®  reveals if and where cancer cells are growing in someone’s body so that early countermeasures can be selected. It can also document the success of the countermeasures without further painful diagnostic investigations.

It can also document the success of the countermeasures without further painful diagnostic investigations.

Their research into cellular health led them to an unplanned creation of Capsol-T® Green Tea…

Capsol-t® was a case of serendipity that benefits you and me! The Greatest Green Tea on the Planet was a Surprise Benefit.

(Google Search Definition – serendipity  “The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.”)

The research team substantiated the historical and well-known benefits of drinking green tea.

See Dr. Ramsey’s You Tube Video for more on Green Tea Health Benefits after this one.

Watch Dr. Morré on the Development of the ONCOblot® Test. He shares how this US Patented Test helps find and monitor the progress or healing of cancer without the normal pain and false positives and false negatives of mainstream testing.

Dr. Morre’s $100+ Million, 20 year research project lead to an unexpected benefit… They created one of the best green tea powders in the world.


Abnormal cell growth happens to us every day of our lives… Normally, it’s no big deal…

Our immune systems handle this misbehavior with hundreds of other tasks easily.

The ONCOblot® test was developed to let us know when our immune systems were overwhelmed so that we could help it early in the process of it going wrong; because early detection and response lead to the best chances of success.

And that’s where our Capsol-t® 16x Cups Of Green Tea Health Benefits Booster comes into the story…

A $100,000,000.00 Dollar Plus Cancer Testing Research Project led to the discovery of a super potentiated blend of green tea and capsicum recipe that boosts the well-known health benefits of green tea.

People are searching for the best Green Tea Powder around the globe.

They have discovered they get more health benefits from green tea when they don’t throw the tea away that’s still in the tea bag.

When you make your tea with powder – instead of tea bags or filtered through tea leaves – you’re benefitting from the whole tea instead of discarding tea and tea benefits.

Tasty Tea Powder – Matcha Green Tea

That’s why so many people are searching for tasty tea powder like Matcha Green Tea; because it’s available as a powder. They want to consume all of the tea possible to maximize the health benefits.

It’s time to stop ignoring the tea left in our tea bags or filtered out and thrown away… No More!

Our search for better health with easy choices has a new tool… Tea!

This is a great way to boost the benefits of our daily cups of green tea… We can boost the health benefits of a cup of green tea 16x or more…


Make Your Matcha Green Tea, Oolong, Earl Grey, or Whatever Tea You Choose Into the Healthiest Cup on the Planet! And Works for Coffee Too!
Healthy Long Life Green Tea Ceremony

Make Your Matcha Green Tea, Oolong, Earl Grey, (Earl Grey comes in varieties including “Earl Grey Green or “Earl Green” tea) or Whatever Tea You Choose Into the Healthiest Cup on the Planet! And Works for Coffee Too!

The Japanese have the longest lifespan on the planet and average over 10 cups of Green Tea per day.

Green Tea has a list of historic health benefits. If you’re going to live a long time, it’s a good idea to support your health and your immune system which is your inner healer and lifetime friend.

(Coffee drinkers can use this too. Keep reading... (Attn: Newsletter Readers, Our “Aha” awaits a little further along…)

But, that’s a lot of tea…

You may prefer black tea, oolong tea, white tea, Earl Grey tea, Matcha tea, or some other tea… It won’t matter…

Ten cups of tea take time to make and drink…

Ten cups of quality tea are expensive…

And if you got all your tea from Starbucks, that’s $37.50 daily for 10 cups of Green Tea or  $1,125.00 per month… 


What if?

  • What if you found a great way to get an additional 16 cups of Green Tea Health Benefits per day for only $1.11 per day?
  • What if you discovered that the health benefit of different teas depends on when the tea leaves are picked, as well as their species, where and how they are grown, and how the tea is processed?  
  • What if I told you Our Green Tea Offer is the result of an accident from over 20 years of research costing over a $100,000,000.00 Dollars with laboratory testing of the selection to make certain a Green Tea was created to make the Best Green Tea in the World?
  • What if you can keep drinking the tea(or coffee) you like and add the health benefits of 10 cups of decaffeinated green tea to your daily routine for only $1.11 per day?

This Green Tea comes in a capsule, which means…

  • Swallow the capsule option… Because it’s a comfortable size to swallow…
  • Open the capsule and make Green Tea… Because it’s an easy way to make your tea by just pouring hot water over it, let it steep, and then enjoy 16 cups of Green Tea Health Benefits in just one teacup…
  • Open the capsule… And mix the tea with your daily tea…
  • Experiment and make a tea or coffee latte… Because you add the health benefits or 16 more cups of Green Tea… (I add the tea to my morning coffee pot…)
  • Our tea is decaffeinated… Now you can take a capsule or drink the contents any time of day or night…

Do NOT Spoil a cup of health by adding sugar or artificial sweeteners. No. No. No!

To sweeten your tea, choose stevia, Xylitol, raw honey, real maple syrup, coconut sugar, or however and whatever enhances your daily tea ritual.
(Xylitol Warning – I recommend pet owners select something other than Xylitol. Xylitol has health benefits for people but is Very Bad to Lethal if Pets get into it and then get too much of it. It can create Outrageous Vet Bills. So choose wisely.)

Even if you can find and pay for a cheap tea… It’s hard to beat our savings and laboratory tested benefits…

Your 16 cups of green tea health in a capsule has been laboratory developed, selected from the healthiest locations, sorted for health-boosting tea species, picked at the best times for health benefits, processed to keep this super-health selection intact, and a cool amount of Capsicum has been added…

Capsicum boosts the Health Benefits of Your Super Healthy Green Tea. with no hot taste… I like it.

Tea and coffee are personal preference. So play with your tea and discover how you like it.

But There’s Got to Be a Catch Right?

If you think pricing our $100 Million Dollar Green Tea like Costco’s would… That’s the catch.

Costco’s and other Discount Buying Clubs only sell large sizes or packages. 

In order to make this tea available for only$1.11 per capsule, we offer the  180 capsule bottle (That’s a 6 month supply at 1 capsule per day) from a triple MD; Dr. Ben Johnson, MD, DO, NMD.

For A Limited Time With FREE Domestic Shipping

Note: PayPal Credit Offers Interest-Free on Amounts at $99+ If Paid in Full Within 6 Months to Qualifying US Customers…
Just Proceed Through Checkout and
Select PayPal Credit when You Come To It for Details…

Pay with a Credit Card in Our PayBlue Cart with Stripe, PayPal Processing, or PayPal Credit if available… 
Single Pay Today $199 Total & Free Shipping in the US



You may remember Dr. Ben; because you are one of the 30,000,000 people, as of 2009, who own the DVD of “The Secret” or own the book which has been translated into 50 languages and seen Dr. Ben revealing many of his insights on Health and Healing.  


“We all come with a built-in basic program. It’s called ‘self-healing.’ You get a wound, it grows back together. You get a bacterial infection, the immune system comes and takes care of those bacteria, and heals it up. The immune system is made to heal itself.”
Dr. Ben Johnson, MD, DO, NMD – “The Secret”

The best way to healing, health, and long-life is to support the choices that keep us healthy.

Our “Aha” – It is easier to move towards something by using existing habits that we enjoy than it is to deny ourselves what we enjoy or start something we dislike… 

 180 Capsules of Unique Green Tea with Just the Right Amount of Cool Capsicum
Accidental $100,000,000.00+ Discovery Healthy Long Life Anyone?

180 Capsules of Unique Green Tea with Just the Right Amount of Cool Capsicum

Combined with your Doctor’s supervision, sleep, and other sensible choices, this Unique Green Tea with just the right amount of Capsicum can help support health while Doctors care for patients in crisis with a full range of mainstream and alternative medical choices.

The scheduled recommendation on the bottle is 1 capsule of this Unique Green Tea Capsicum Combo every 3 to 5 hours. The lead Doctor who ran the 20-year research project said that you could take 2 capsules before bed instead of waking up in the middle of the night to take a capsule. That’s 6 capsules per or Sixty (60) cups of Green Tea per day. 

That’s another reason for the size of each large bottle. Each bottle holds 180 capsules which is enough for a 30 day supply if you’re taking 6 capsules per day... Which equals 96 cups of Green Tea Health Benefits a day.

For our purposes, we recommend 1 capsule per day. We just want to gain as much or more Green Tea Health Benefits that other cultures enjoy who drink over 10 cups per day of Green Tea. One capsule equals 16 cups of Green Tea Health Benefits. 

Which means all of us green tea drinkers save money when we receive our order of a 6 month supply of 180 capsules in 1 bottle that contains 16 cups of Green Tea Health Benefits in each capsule… 

Rituals are important. We’ll discuss making your Green Tea routine into a ritual to take a little time to be thankful and forgiving of yourself and others in other articles, pages, and posts.

We get great Green Tea Health Benefits and a 6 month supply. We will be exploring how to use Green Tea in different recipes for Healthy Benefits. Be sure you are on our mailing list.

Now: Here are your details to Upgrade Your Health Habits. 

One bottle of One Hundred Eighty (180) Capsules of this Unique Green Tea with just the right amount of Capsicum to support your health and long life is $199

In order to make selecting the savings even easier, we offer 3 payments of only $50… (That’s 5 – 0 for 3 months… Not 6… It’s 6 months of product for $50 today followed by 2 payments… 1 in 30 days and 1 at 60 days. That’s it. It’s that easy.)

For A Limited Time With FREE Domestic Shipping

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When the next production batch is made, we will introduce smaller bottles at higher pricing and you may have to pay for shipping. So Be Frugal and Order Now.

We use a PayBlue Shopping CartStripe, and PayPal to process credit and debit card orders for our clients. And of course, you can use PayPal Accounts… But you do Not need a PayPal account.

PayPal is a Credit and Debit Card processor just like any bank. You don’t have to have a bank account where Costco’s does to be able to pay Costco. You do Not need a PayPal account.

Our parent for our assorted sites is Liberty Marketing Network. Your statement will probably be shortened to LibertyMark. 

PayPal also offers PayPal Credit for up to 6 months with no interest. Check to verify their current terms and conditions. You can just look at your final total to make certain everything is as you expect… Then finalize with a click. Follow our next link to the cart then PayPal for more information on their credit program or to just order with Single Pay.

For A Limited Time With FREE Domestic Shipping
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Single Pay Today$199 Total

International Orders Click Here – 


The Healthier You Make Your Immune System, the Healthier You Are, the Faster You Heal when Injured, and that makes Life More Fun to Live Longer… Order Now and Begin to Help the Natural Healer you were born with… 

P.S. – You’ve probably already figured out why we say; 1 capsule is equal to 16 cups of Green Tea Health Benefits and then say; “How to Increase Your Green Tea Health Benefits 17 Times!”

If you’re already drinking one cup of a High-Quality Green Tea and Add 16 More Cups Of Green Tea Health Benefits, that multiplies 1 cup 17 times or adds 16 cups to make 17 total…

And, of course, if you swallow the capsule by itself, that’s 16 cups total but well above the Japanese average of 10 cups of Healthy Green Tea a day.

PPS – This Wonderful Green Tea was Not the Purpose of the 20 Year $100 Million Plus Research Project. It was a bit of serendipity they discovered while researching for better tests to catch slow developing diseases early.

They studied cellular health and noticed the Health Benefits that Green Tea provided to the cells.

Anyone who is seeking better health has probably encountered historical journalism on Green Tea Health Benefits…

Order your Green Tea full of Serendipity Now.

PPPS – You have 30 days to decide – for any reason or no reason at all – that you prefer a courteous refund for this one of a kind Green Tea.


For A Limited Time With FREE Domestic Shipping

Note: PayPal Credit Offers Interest-Free on Amounts at $99+ If Paid in Full Within 6 Months to Qualifying US Customers…
Just Proceed Through Checkout and
Select PayPal Credit when You Come To It for Details…


PayBlue Cart with Stripe, PayPal Processing, & PayPal Credit
Single Pay Today $199 Total & Free Shipping


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You can also get four bottles for the price of three. That’s 83¢ per capsule a savings of 25%.

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Your Immune System - Keep Her Well & Loved

We Were All Born with a Best Friend... Our immune Systems...
We Were All Born with a Best Friend… Our immune Systems…

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