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Our Green Tea Coffee Club Welcomes: Whoever else wants to help eat the dinosaur protecting bureaucrats, cartels, and monopolies with their pretty, pretty drugs by joining us to Release Forbidden Health Freedom?

Health is within our grasp and even Age Reversal!

There have been incredible amounts of new discoveries and new thinking about old discoveries. Explore with our Green Tea Coffee Club…

Defy the bureaucrats. Protect yourself from Monopolies and Cartels that bureaucrats Protect, Promote, and Create Conspiracies with… Everyone loves a good conspiracy, right?

The only obstacle for Green Tea Coffee Club Members to achieve incredible new levels of health and healing are bureaucratic dinosaurs, monopolies, and cartels who use force, fraud, and incredible sums of our money to defend their empires from innovation, truthful information, and competition. 

Green Tea Coffee Club is creating our own local and online Free Thinkers Clubs that meet to drink the Healthiest Cups of Green Tea or Coffee in the World as we Explore Health Innovations, Age Reversal Technologies, Nutrient Choices, Weight Loss, Detox, and wherever Our Health Freedom leads us.

Politicians! Shut-up! We are not your experimental lab rats anymore!  

How did so much get so Out Of Date?

For instance, do you remember being taught that chlorophyll in plants converted sunlight to food and that you and I do not have the ability to convert sunlight for ourselves?

Then how do we create Vitamin D3 from sunlight? The Sunlight Fairy?

5arah / Pixabay – The Sunlight Fairy? 

We have melanin in our skin which converts the sunlight to nutrition for our bodies.

Our schools and media taught us current fads & opinions in science as fact. The people who write the news were taught the same nonsense we were. 

Change is always slow to come for a huge variety of reasons. Some resistance is reasonable. Some of it is just plain Stupid.

And No One has any right to control our Health Freedom! 

Just think of how many students were taught our solar system had 9 planets. That was the only approved answer and it was wrong. 

School systems teach us to quit thinking and questioning. Education has been perverted into choosing between answers selected by government-approved authorities of government-approved absurdities… 

What a waste.

Health classes taught the politically created Food Pyramid as a guide to good health. Politics provided and promoted guidelines that created bad health and resulted in a ridiculously overweight population.

Today the victims of monopoly misinformation of a politically created food pyramid are prescribed high-profit drugs to suppress symptoms that are the results of Politically Powerful Pyramid Pushers. 

“Heavier than air flight is impossible!” 

Perhaps the nay-sayers thought that ducks and geese filled themselves with hydrogen and when they were shot, the bullet let the lighter air out of the bird which caused the bird to fall to the ground.

We could write volumes on the history of politically approved false beliefs… 

We are surrounded by false beliefs today. We just don’t know which ones they are. We can spot a few. But our culture has embedded many false beliefs into a huge variety of sources and they reinforce false beliefs against any changes including better beliefs.

Progress is Not the unveiling of The One great truth. Progress is the progressive replacement of one false belief with improved false beliefs.  

Let’s just ponder and keep in the back or our minds, this mindbending quote by Andrew J. Galambos: “Almost Everything That Almost Everyone Believes Is Wrong!” 

Andrew J. Galambos
Tea Time at GTCC

The Mayans believe the earth was the center of the universe.

They could use their beliefs with remarkable accuracy to predict sunrise, sunset, seasonal changes, and more.

Mayan priests/astronomers had the ability to accurately predict seasonal changes based on incorrect facts. These false facts may have been a major reason for the success of the Mayan; because their priests told farmers when to plant and when to harvest.

Science is the disorderly progress of more useful incorrect opinions replacing other opinions that are not as useful in some fashion.

Our world has layered beliefs about reality. Physical rules work well for many things. 

Today more and more people think of our world as an energetic universe where we perceive certain energetic constructs as physical. 

A north pole magnetic field will push away from other north magnetic fields… Could fields of what we consider physical be something similar that keeps physical objects separate?  

What we see is based on our perceptions… When we look at our worlds using different tools (microscopes, telescopes, crystal prisms, x-rays, and more), we can perceive things differently… Almost like different realities. 

We can ignore those who explore different ways of looking at our worlds only; because we are ignorant and arrogant. We don’t know everything yet… And we don’t know what it is we think we know that has been usurped by new and more useful opinion… 

Governments attempt to keep us at the level of a child dependant on the Mommy State to halt all progress. The state protects political beliefs, powers, and profits with propaganda, force, monopolies, taxes, and all the other tools of abusive power… Like wars and euthanasia of its own citizens.

R.J. Rummel, Professor of Political Science at the University of Hawaii, states in his book, “Death by Government”, his conservative estimate is governments have murdered 169,198,000 of their own citizens, men, women, children, and infants under their care and protection, between 1900 and 1987

Not by attacking other countries; but by setting up starvation and other deliberate methods of mass murder.

Today the political elite justify today’s population cleansing and abuse with a new excuse. The politically powerful and their cult members no longer use the Nazi party’s  “I was just following orders.”

The new and improved excuse for a complete lack of personal responsibility for individual crimes and group conspiracies is: “It’s the LAW!”

Those, who drool for the opportunities to control other people, experiment on them, and kill, are staunch advocates for exclusive gun ownership by the political elite. They ignore the tendency of those in power to kill 222 men, women, children, and infants per hour. 


Join us as we challenge antiquated beliefs by questioning dogma and exploring sacrilege to the church of state, politics, monopolies, and any institution that resists questions and seek alternatives to seek their own answers. 

Our answers don’t have to be right. Just individually better for each of us as we retain and respect the right to our own beliefs and freedoms. 

Our choices may not be better… 

Mistakes Are Required for Improvements to Follow… 

Right People In Charge Belief of 6 Year Olds… 

A small elite who have conned their way to incredible wealth by use of political powers that reduce opportunities for innovators, entrepreneurs, and competition promotes the failed belief that the right people need to grasp enough power for the small elite central planners, regulators, and enforcers to protect us from life for the rest of their lives.

The elite want no escape from their power. These are the kind of people who push for one world government; because they think when no one can escape, the world will be perfect.

The reality is the world won’t even be perfect for the rulers and certainly not those whose individual lives they control with one size shoe fits all feet strategies. 

Do the elite then seek secret perversions to fill their failing lives and confusion from a sense of something missing? Perhaps they feel a bizarre joy, the rest of us will never know? 

There is no advancement without mistakes… When you attempt to freeze the world to eliminate mistakes, you can eliminate all improvements. You cannot eliminate massive failure.

We aren’t as easy to intimidate as children. So let’s ignore the power-addicted who push their false and self-serving beliefs as if they are fact.

Out Green Tea Coffee Clubs seek new and better innovations to everything even though innovation creates changes that dissolve and replace the existing power structures.

Let’s question, imagine, share information and innovations anyway.

Long Live the Green Tea Coffee Club! Watch our Intro Video and learn more about a simple cup of tea and then join us for tea or coffee as we explore forbidden Health, Healing, and Age Reversal Secrets.

Our thanks to Hartwig K. Delaney for the Use of His Photo’s…

Coffee and tea are our club’s, Yin Yang…


Hartwig K. Delaney on Yin and Yang:

“I’ve put the symbol into a bubble to make myself clear about the fact that both forces have one source.

The bowl itself is an ancient symbol of oneness and I can find it all over the world…

The symbol of Yin and Yang to me is a wonderful example of ancient wisdom put into a metaphoric picture.

Through all the ages those who made ecstatic experiences left pictures trying to explain something visually which needs no explanation in words because it speaks itself. I like to continue this tradition.

This picture is my interpretation of the antagonistic energies and the unity behind. In fact inside the bowl should be nothingness. As I cannot show this, I show a symbol of duality which represents oneness in its dual apparent.

In my concept minus (black) and plus (white) represent the basic polarity through which life comes into existence.”

HKD – https://www.flickr.com/photos/h-k-d/


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