The Freedom Plot… Freedom Vs “Might Makes Right” How to Unleash Individual Freedom For The Death of Politics, Monopoly, & Tyranny To Create Abundance for Everyone

Why Not Freedom?

The Freedom Plot…
Freedom Vs “Might Makes Right”

How To Unleash Individual Freedom For The Death of Politics, Monopoly, & Tyranny To Create Abundance for Everyone

We Don’t Need Everyone To Agree In Order To Change Our Worlds…

We just need to reach a tipping point… Maybe 3% to 5% or even less… History changes when small but influential numbers change…

Most people just want to be left alone… Isn’t that another description for Individual Freedom? 

When enough people like us begin to actively support the idea that other people are better at individually running their lives and meeting their needs than politicians, bureaucrats, spies, military, and police.

It is time to say “No” to those who crave power over us to take our money, property, and choices. 

At the moment government is seen as a “necessary evil.” Most people understand that what governments do every day is evil and unlawful.

Politicians burn through our money and sell us into ever deeper debt that will beggar our children.

Today’s infants and their children will be forced into debt slavery to pay for all the current political stupidity unless you and I escape our political boxes to cure the diseases of politics and monopoly power.

You and I have more power than mainstream media… 

We have more power than the 1%…

We have imagination. Imagination can create anything we need when we remember Individual Imagination is uniquely ours.

It’s time to use it. 

Pro-Government Propaganda would have us believe that most people can never understand how so-called government monopoly services can be provided at lower cost, higher value, voluntarily paid for, and why entire industries that serve political stupidity should be made obsolete.

(GE Tank Division, $500 Toilet Seats, the Cost of Spying on Everyone, Military Bases in 120 Countries, and Other Ways, DC and State Governments Waste Our Money to Prop Up Their Empires.)

This happens when we have Free Market Providers to choose from. Kind of like shopping in a Grocery Store, an Apple Store, or online suppliers.

What makes anyone believe that we can use evil to create good, peace, abundance, justice, unlimited opportunity, the opportunity for personal growth and more good things for everyone?

When has evil ever made the world a better place for those outside their gang?


We can defy the Royal Elites, their bureaucrats, regulators, and regulatory police state. We can choose to ignore their slippery slopes that lead us into the traps of the Monopolies and Cartels that the Evil-Politically-Powerful Protect & Promote.

We can create and support competition to the arrogant, ignorant, and power addicted.

We can use alternative news channels, newsletters, and blogs that report ????  

chasing rabbits vs what is the purpose of this page

Make Your Purpose & Path Before You Make Your Page!!!

People are basically good. Put me or you in an evil environment, we will become basically evil for self-protection or we will do our best to stay invisible and set some lines for themselves.

We may not even realize it’s evil.

The practitioners of evil have had thousands of years perfecting their systems of control for their benefit. Politics and Politicians are not as stupid as they appear. The politicos are doing what works for their personal benefit while serving the 300 or so lunatics at the top of their pyramids of power.

what is the correct order to introduce someone w/o trying to get them to read or view 3,000 hours or material in their 1st 17 seconds…

The Freedom Plot

The Club of Rome, Skull and Bones, Club Bilderberg, The Committee of 300, and; Who Knows, there might even be some secret “secret societies?”

The only obstacle for Green Tea Coffee Club Members to achieve incredible new levels of health and healing are bureaucrats, monopolies, and cartels who use force, fraud, and incredible sums of our money to defend their empires.

The information we need to create health, healing, and “Forever Young” as our age selection choice is here today. Now we need to help make them EASILY available today… And the dinosaurs are fighting mad; because they are going extinct despite their awesome size, ferocity, and political protection.  

Green Tea Coffee Club is creating our own local and online Free Thinkers Clubs that meet to drink the Healthiest Cups of Green Tea or Coffee in the World as we Explore Health Innovations, Age Reversal Technologies, Nutrient Choices, Weight Loss, Detox, and wherever Our Health Freedom leads us.

How did so much get so Out Of Date?

For instance, do you remember being taught that chlorophyll in plants converted sunlight to food and that you and I do not have the ability to convert sunlight for ourselves?

Then how do we create Vitamin D3 from sunlight? The Sunlight Fairy?

5arah / Pixabay – The Sunlight Fairy? 

We have melanin in our skin which converts the sunlight to nutrition for our bodies.

Our schools and media taught us current fads & opinions in science as fact. The people who write the news were taught the same nonsense we were. 

Change is always slow to come.

Just think of how many students were taught that Pluto was the ninth planet. That was the only approved answer and it was wrong. 

School systems attempt to teach us to quit thinking and questioning. Education has been perverted into telling us to select between opinions by government-approved authorities disguised as facts. 

What a waste.

Health classes taught us the politically created Food Pyramid as fact. Politics provided and promoted guidelines that created horrible health and resulted in a ridiculously diseased, overweight, and drug enfeebled population.

Today the victims of the misinformation of a politically created food pyramid are prescribed high-profit drugs to suppress symptoms that are the results of Politically Powerful Pyramid Pushers. 

“Heavier than air flight is impossible!” 

Perhaps the nay-sayers thought that ducks and geese filled themselves with hydrogen and when they were shot, the bullet let the lighter air out of the bird which caused the bird to fall to the ground.

We could write volumes on the history of politically approved false beliefs and the political suppression of innovations, other ideas, and even questions. 

We are surrounded by false beliefs today. We do not and cannot identify all of them; because we have blind spots and deficiencies in our thinking.

If we can remember “we’re not perfect”, we will never be as stupid as the monopolies, regulators, automated cops, and politicians.

Being better does not require “perfect.”

Being better does require dedication to self-improvement; because “Better never means best. Best is an opinion that depends on who you are. Best does not come in one size, shape, and color for everyone everywhere. Only the seriously daft attempt to force their opinion of what’s best on everyone.” 

Let’s just ponder and keep in the back or our minds, this mindbending quote by Andrew J. Galambos: “Almost Everything That Almost Everyone Believes Is Wrong!” 

We aren’t as easy to intimidate as children. So let’s ignore the power-addicted who push their false and self-serving beliefs as if they are fact.

Out Green Tea Coffee Clubs seek new and better innovations to everything even though innovation creates changes that dissolve and replace the existing power structures.

Things are guaranteed to change. Those who halt innovation only guarantee that things will change for the worse…  

Let’s question, imagine, share information and innovations despite the dinosaurs.

Long Live the Green Tea Coffee Club! Watch our Intro Video and learn more about a simple cup of tea and then join us for tea or coffee as we explore forbidden Health, Healing, and Age Reversal Secrets.

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