Face Masks Are Crazy, Politicians Are Insane

Wash and Wear Face Masks

Wash and Wear Face Masks

Face Masks Are Crazy
Order Your Own Face Mask Billboard, T-Shirt, Mugs & More Because They Weaken Political Power, Corruption, and Stupidity

Face Masks do not and cannot work to protect ourselves or those around us from viruses and bacteria… Because Face Masks are like using chain link fences to contain mosquitoes.

Face Masks do not and cannot ever work to do more good than harm.

Face Masks do work to support unearned profits, create fear, create confusion, create a sense of isolation and despair, lower oxygen, increase the carbon dioxide we breathe, and provide a nice, moist, warm home for bacteria and viruses to breed.

Our bodies have over a trillion virus cells and another trillion bacteria. Expecting Face Masks to stop potential activation or spread is a belief that Face Masks are lucky charms that activate magic protection.

Face Masks work to promote tyranny, corruption, stupidity, and monopoly. Face Masks and social distancing are destroying the competition to big box stores, drive-through-fast-food mega chains, mega manufacturing corporations, and industrial farming.

Monopolies and political power have not been able to destroy pesky small business competitors and innovators. So the power addicted are using an annual illness to create hysteria and tyranny.

Continual c-19 political corruption and stupidity use our money to destroy the main sources of innovation, employment, and competition to protect unearned profits of those with political power.

This site provides criticizes mainstream media and screaming Chicken Little’s.

Mainstream Media Is Chicken Little Plus Profit
Mainstream Media Is Chicken Little Plus Profit

FaceMasksAreCrazy.com is where we can share dissenting points of view from all things political, tyrannical, and plain stupid… But what we offer here is a start and not the place to finish.

We are responsible for our lives and our results, whether we want to be or not. We provide information with supporting links that we find sufficient to convince us that c-19 is promoted hysteria for those seeking profits and power.

Who is “we?”

We are any individuals who decide to share this information, websites, videos, mugs, t-shirts, face mask billboards, or other forms of communication and information with others. 

That’s who we are. We are those who share what we think even if politically condemned.

We dare to question, when mainstream media, which is controlled by 5 mega-corporations, are spouting non-stop apocalyptic warnings. Dissenting voices, no matter how credible, are being shouted down, belittled, censored, their information erased from the internet or the search engines we use to find what we are looking for, and some are prosecuted.  

We are saying “do something that makes sense according to your curious, informed, and calm highest best self” or do nothing at all.

The first rule of medicine is “First do not harm.”

Our first rule of economics is “Central Planning Rules and Regulations enforced and/or funded by politicians are disasters.”

If we choose to allow ourselves to be herded by central planners, mass media, and the political elite, our acceptance influences others by our example. Or we can choose to things differently and with leverage.

Face Masks are NOT Neutral. Face Masks create harm.

Face Masks harm our health in a variety of ways while transforming our countries into third world banana republics run by profit-worshiping gibbering-idiots.

Anyone who lives in a third world country is turned into a lab rat. The lab rats, (men, women, children, infants, the elderly, the sick, and crippled) are being are used to test how quickly the harmful effects of pharmaceuticals will be noticed in the quest for unheard of profits.

The vaccines may have 90 days or less of testing before they are unleashed on uninformed test subjects who will have no recourse once harmed.

Face Masks destroy small businesses, employment, small farmers, small manufacturers, and create poverty. Face Masks reward big box stores, fast food chains, monopoly protected mega-manufacturers, online business, and political idiots.

I am thankful for online businesses. But when the political elite destroy small businesses, churches, restaurants, and other opportunities to gather, they destroy the proven benefits interacting with neighbors and those who are strangers until we meet them…

  • We destroy the civil parts of civilization,
  • We weaken our immune systems,
  • We sabotage our thinking ability.
  • We handicap the primary source of innovation and abundance for all,
  • We support the corruption and stupidity that flow from tyranny…    

This site promotes the idea that each of us needs to tap into our individual highest best selves and decide for ourselves.

Our protection and promotion of Individual Freedom is the one thing we can do that will help every individual and worthy project on the planet while undermining the disastrous results that come from tyranny, slavery, indentured servitude, and other evils created by rulers calling themselves our servants.

We each should do what makes sense for our unique needs. The blessings of the world comes from those who defy authority.

No one has a right to decide for others what we must do based on averages, blind guessing, or the lies of those who seek to please, and manipulate the royals.

POO (Power Over Others) addicts are driven by their weaknesses and inner demons to get reelected, grow their empires and power, start wars, kill or imprison others, and empty our pockets for their benefit.

And – oh yeah – most of them think what provides them the most power and profits is the only thing that matters. They may even think they will treat their slaves and serfs better than we could do on our own.

Yep. The Power Addicted have lost their little minds.

Wash and Wear Masks Don’t Work to Stop Colds, Flu, Viruses, or Bacteria

If you wash your mask, use soap. Follow this link about how soap protects us from germs and bacteria in ways that antiseptics do not and soap doesn’t help create antibiotic resistant bacteria and viruses.

Another practical treatment is sunlight or ultraviolet light. Follow this link for more on that topic.

Remember when politicians, bureaucrats, and pet pharmaceutical promoters went back and forth on whether or not you and I should wear masks. Why would anyone follow recommendations by pretend authorities that flip flop on their advice? 

Innovation & Research Implementation Lags…

Innovation & Research Implementation Lags 18 years to a 100 years and more before health & healing improvements begin to become available…

Most of the time this lag is because ridiculously expensive and incredibly high profit producers have a wealth of money for marketing… They can and do buy influence in the form of regulations and censorship from politicians and bureaucrats.

Profiteers can get our pathetic, political medical insurance programs to  

I define “profiteer” in this article to mean those who make unearned profits. They make money because of extortion, fraud, political kickbacks in some form, and huge advertising budgets.

This definition of “profiteer” differs from dictionary definitions. Dictionary definitions are based on nebulous statements that are little more than uninformed opinion and not on specific requirements that must be met.

Profiteers seek to suppress criticism, innovation, questions, affordable alternatives, and competition of any sort.    

Profiteers benefit from protection when search engines, social media – corrupt, stupid politicians and bureaucrats – work day and night to replace our individual freedom with their rules, regulations, whims, and desires.

The courts support the status quo and can easily bankrupt, imprison, or destroy almost everyone who dares to challenge our designated status as indentured servants and slaves to those with political power.

Summary Thus Far- Why Face Masks Are Crazy:


Here’s a Point to Destroy an Endless Stream of Lies Used to Distract Us

The test used to determine if someone has c-19 was designed for other purposes and does not test for acute, chronic, nor infectious stages of covid-19 according to the Nobel Prize Winning developer of PCR testing. 

Since all conflicting reports on the spread and virulence or even presence of c-19 is based on tests that do not work, all of the sound and fury, the rules and regulations, the edicts, and more are based on imaginary results created by a test that doesn’t work.

Elon Musk had himself tested 4 times in one day. Two of the tests came back positive that he had c-19 and 2 came back negative.

His story is not rare. Conflicting results are common for those who do multiple tests.

Research, this one point for yourself. If you accept it, all of the nonsense based on faulty testing can be ignored.

Once you eliminate a huge source of confusion, your mind can look at the puzzle of the over reaction about c-19 to make better decisions in a world of screaming c-19 Chicken Little’s.

The People who call themselves government lied or were wrong when they told us it was best not to wear masks… Or lied or were wrong when they told us to wear masks…

Did they have no idea and thought if they said it, it would come true?

They tell us to do as they say anyway, no matter how stupid, because they claim we authorized their power to punish resistance…

Which one of those choices makes politicians and bureaucrats qualified to take our individual freedom?

Which one of those scenarios make it reasonable for them to make individual health choices for you and me, when they don’t our age, sex, height, weight, race, religion, employment, medications, nutrition supplement routine, exercise patterns, and good or bad habits. They don’t even know our names. 

What pretend expertise and authority says it’s OK for them destroy half the small businesses of the world, over half the small farmers of the world, tell us to stay in our homes, and other abuses of power while they subsidize mega corporations to handle the business taken from the competition they could never outperform?

Monopoly power does not win in honest battle with entrepreneurs, small business, small farms, and family owned enterprises.

Long running monopoly power is only possible with political power promoting and protecting companies and cartels from free market competition and innovation.

Follow the Money

A c-19 vaccine, whether it provides any benefit or not, will create over a trillion dollars in profits and will be used to usher in surveillance and control systems that have never been equaled outside of science fiction novels. 

The control freaks, pharmaceuticals, politicians, and uber-rich are spending billions in their quest for thousands of billions of dollars. C-19 is their pathway to take trillions of dollars of our money, our better choices, and individual freedom for unearned profits and the evil of POO.  

People kill other people for $20 on the street.

The difference between the uber-rich and street criminals is that the uber-rich expect a larger profit for their crimes.

It is possible to make a fortune by helping others. It is not possible to create a 2 tier society of the rich and the impoverished without corrupt and stupid politicians who are accomplished liars and manipulators. 

Edit Warning

Wascally Wabbit Ranting – I’m talking to myself here first and you second… This site needs to provide helpful information instead of name-calling.

This is an ongoing project and sometimes I get lost.

All of us are crazy occasionally.

All of us have held beliefs at one time that we grew out of.

No amount of name calling would have swayed us.

No amount of contrary information and logic would have changed our minds.

Yet, we changed our minds…

You, me, and others can and will change the world.  

We must do what works.

We are offered many pathways provided by master manipulators.

Our power starts with the fact that all the political power on the planet weilded by master manipulators, the rich, the famous, the talking heads, authorities, and trolls cannot stop you or me from changing our minds.

That is why they seek to destroy our choices and our understanding of Individual Freedom.

The master manipulators seek to redefine words for their benefit.

The control freaks want us to believe that Freedom is a right for someone else to take from us, physically harm us, and enslave us with no way to defend ourselves. The better word – defined by those actions – is government.

There is some truth in what they say. The best lies always carry some small portion of a truth in them.

What they ignore is that Individual Freedom allows innovation, wealth creation, free markets, and the best in people to grow.

When everything you or I do is controlled, that means that criminal actions, wars, monopolies, and more can become the law of the land.

The control freaks try to deny you and I the Individual Freedom to right wrongs, create justice, provide opportunity and innovation. As the world improves poverty diminishes.

When rules, regulations, and regulators can no longer claim legal rights to steal from one group for their own benefit and members of their tribe, the criminal infrastructure we know as government has its corrupt powers washed away until it is fully drained into a cesspool we at long last have learned to avoid.  

Fuku Swimming-Pool - Demeure du Chaos / Abode of Chaos

thierry ehrmann Fuku Swimming-Pool – Demeure du Chaos / Abode of Chaos – https://flic.kr/p/iKsVSh

The only proper structure for services that governments claim to provide would be similar to a grocery store or other free market providers.

We can buy what we want or not. We can do without or create DIY choices. We can say “No.” We can innovate.

We can go into competition with government provided or selected monopoly porviders. We can create associations and companies to provide services without demanding victims who must buy from us no matter how bad, overpriced, counterproductive, or evil we may become.

There is no requirement to buy from some group of lunatics with guns, who have demonstrated their willingness to kill for what they want.

We can say “No” even though they may squeal like stuck pigs when we dare to say “No!”

More soon…