Health Freedom | Profit Policy

Health Freedom | Profit Policy – We will do our best to make money to survive, thrive, and grow without abusing your privacy or trust. 

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You probably should opt out of our list or never join if you don’t believe that others should have Individual Health Freedom. We believe Freedom is Universal and Individual or It Does Not Exist At All…

We proudly do our best to make money and pay for ourselves… The only way we can make money is to provide exchanges where both parties benefit. That means that we both think we will better off with a new arrangement, whatever it may be.

Therefore we sell things for profit. We provide products and services recommended by people we admire. Always check for money back guarantees. Please do a little research on products, services, and people to increase your confidence as you leave the crowd and learn to depend more on your own decisions. 

The politically powerful, monopolies, and cartels have enormous influence and cult-like followers. 

We do not expect for everyone to like us. But we do expect that over time you will discover that some critics should be ignored and some resources are consistently and persistently of great value in our unhealthy world. 

You may read full disclaimers on our websites which seek to provide protection from frivolous lawsuits and bureaucrats who protect the status quo.

Health Freedom | Profit Policy for a Free World with Freedom for All…