Fear | Health Freedom

Fear | Health Freedom

From Fear to Health Freedom: We will innovate and share with each other without censoring our thoughts, questions, miscellaneous heretical opinions, recommended products, and services and how to use them, despite fears of political power, monopoly power, and the combined power of protected and evil medical cartels…

Mainstream Medical does not like innovation, competition, questions about their monopoly power, and information about alternatives to their ridiculously over-priced, ineffective, counterproductive, side-effect creating, and sometimes lethal mainstream medical monopoly profit-producing offers.   

Profits are great when earned between free-market buyers and sellers. 

When we use the word monopoly that includes cartels. Basically monopoly refers to any organization that benefits from the monopoly power of the state’s use of escalating force to eliminate, intimidate, and suppress innovations and competition. 

You and I know a ridiculous amount about a ridiculous number of topics… You and I know there are choices these monopolies do not want us to think about, share, or, God Forbid, choose to use. 

Health Freedom is part of our Individual Freedom and is a major tool to dismantle “The Politics of POO> Power Over Others.” POO is just another name for tyranny.

90/10 Health, Healing, Fitness, & Age Reversal   

We are forming an association dedicated to the proposition that we can replace the ridiculously overpriced “Once you’re proven sick Approach” with Health, Healing, Fitness Creation, with support for the unknown instead of waiting till we get sick concept called health.

We are starting our program from scratch. You, me, and our program can all transform over time to get better and better. 

The 90 in our 90/10x program means we want to replace the concept of pay now and “Get Sick First” and Slash the “Get Sick First” Programs and Their Cost Spiral by 90%.

We want to improve the effectiveness of your conscious choices for health by 10x.

You may start for free and join us if you prefer staying healthy over outrageously priced efforts to keep you sick and paying more and more until your descendants will inherit nothing but your unpaid, overpriced medical bills.  

We will also explore and explain how we can eliminate the $167 Trillion (as of 2016 & growing each year) or thereabouts of combined total of US Funded Liabilities at $22 Trillion and Unfunded Liabilities of about $145 Trillion the politically powerful want our children and their children to inherit…

We can and will eliminate this short-sighted stupidity of those who want to rule us without getting involved in their politics and meaningless elections and choices sponsored by a ruling elite who think they own us.  

The political elite dream that you and I will allow future generations to inherit the debts from their politically promoted and protected Ponzi Schemes, Lies, Fraud, Extortion, and Misuse of Escalating Force to Enforce Their Schemes.  

They’re wrong.

Join us as we improve our health, healing, fitness, and explore ways to slash our costs while furthering discoveries for age reversal technology.

Start your Free Trial Membership today to see if we’re crazy or worth your support to bless everyone’s future… 

Even those who support tyranny and all of its evil will benefit once health, healing, and fitness research, innovation, and free-market competition are released from politically protected suppression.