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Deserved Slavery | No Such Thing

Choices In Glass Are Not In The Other

Deserved Slavery | No Such Thing!

Choices In One Glass Are Not In The Other -Deserved Slavery | No Such Thing
Deserved Slavery | No Such Thing – Choices In One Glass Are Not In The Other… Politics Is The Art & Science Of Stealing Choices For Someone Else’s Benefit While  Rewarding the Thief & Crew –                        (Image by Jasmin Sessler from Pixabay)

Deserved Slavery | No Such Thing!

Deserved Slavery | No Such Thing?… The idea that we can deserve slavery because we have not been aggressive enough by someone else’s judgement is simply whacky.

We are responsible for our immediate space. What we do ripples outward to create our world… Or sometimes just islands of sanity. Join us now please.

Shoulda, woulda, coulda, are not actionable, simple, nor effective approaches to change our worlds.

If I don’t like the way the world is going, my best bet is to create simple and easy to implement choices that help me and others increase our command and control over our own lives.

As Larry Dodge, co-founder of the Fully Informed Jury Association, stated, “Power is like two glasses with enough water to fill one. Whatever is in one glass is not in the other. If you increase what is in your glass, you decrease what is in the other.”

When we assert our own power, no matter how small the amount, we drain the power of the POO Elite to abuse, murder, steal, and extort others.

Remember Power Over Others (POO) Corrupts and Makes Stupid Too.

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Manipulators encourage us to contest for officially approved seats of POO> They want us to destroy our time, energy, networks, imaginations, money and more to try to win the POO they use and abuse.

The only Lasting Innovation for Individual Freedom is to increase our Personal Power. 

Power Over Ourselves (Individual Freedom [IF]) creates Innovation, Abundance, and all the Other Blessings of Freedom for All.

One start is to join our lists. Share and learn.

Do what you can today to increase your personal freedom… Because when we promote and protect Individual Freedom, we take the only single action you or I can take that blesses every individual and worthwhile project on the planet at the same time. 

May You Live Long, Free, & Blessed,

Don Winfield for

PS – If you don’t know. Individual Jurors have the power to protect us from abuse of power. Honorable jurors accept a responsibility to do so. Juries Are For Justice. Honorable Jurors find and follow the guidance of their highest, best selves with or without the judge’s permission. Deserved Slavery | No Such Thing – not even if a judge says we must obey our rulers.

PPS – You and I are sources to create Innovations and Individual Freedom for all, right now.

Manipulate Your Own Mind – Defeat The Control Freaks –

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