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How To Use Censorship To Profit From Unhealthy Food Exposed

How To Use Censorship To Profit From
Unhealthy Food Exposed

Politicians claim the FDA protects us. They lie.

Politicians claim they are good for us… Politicians are good for themselves and those who reward them with money, power, prestige, and perversions. 

POO means Power Over Others… POOpers use force, fraud, extortion, theft, and even murder to control others for the benefit of the Political Elite.

As George Carlin said in one of his incredibly funny tirades about government corruption and stupidity, “I have certain rules I love by. My First Rule: I don’t believe anything the government tells me. Nothing. Zero.”

Politicians attempt to manipulate us with lies. As one lie is uncovered, political manipulators switch to new lies.. But they’re better than we think. 

Sometimes they just repeat the lie adamantly. Other times they use trolls (Trolls people on payroll who do as told instead of freeing themselves to become their highest best selves.) to gaslight anyone who dares disagree with them. 

Gaslighting is the use of people who want tyranny or have become so impoverished, they must embrace the orders and edicts of tyrants and fools or let their families starve or be consumed as a lesson for disobeying. They will appear to believe lies and attack those who question tyranny and the lies used to support the schemes, dreams, and whims of tyrannical cultists. 

One of their favorite methods of lying is to lie about or falsify something that’s irrelevant. If they can manipulate us to argue and invest time in their lies, then lying politicians and mainstream media talking heads can keep us from discovering valuable truths and uncovering lies.    

One example is the historical use of voter fraud to get us to focus on creating honest votes for our choice of candidates dedicated to evil. This keeps us from thinking about how the world can work without tyranny, politically protected and promoted monopolies, and the corrupting power of evil created by Power Over Others.

One of the lies the FDA tells us is that it’s okay for them to regulate commercial speech. They claim they are protecting us from manipulators who want to tell us about their products and services. They pretend there is some form of speech that cannot somehow be connected to commercial activities. 

If it’s possible for us to know about what someone said, there is potential commercial benefit for someone, which means the people, for sale or rent, who call themselves government will claim they have a right to censor what is said and decide for us what we can hear, think about, share, and use or not. 

They are POOpers. POO means Power Over Others. POOpers are sociopaths who believe tyranny is their secret reward for being superior beings where they rule, rob, or kill us as whim demands. 

We are encouraged to become sociopaths. Insanity can be voluntary. The good news is we can grow up and refuse to live worlds ruled by people, for sale or rent, who call themselves government. 

Individual Freedom is the opposite of politics. Politics is about me and you deciding for others, while they decide for us. That’s a decent definition of insanity.

Individual Freedom is about you deciding for you and me deciding for me. 

Our way out of the rat traps, mazes, and political manipulations by a cult of sociopaths who call themselves government is to choose Individual Freedom for ourselves and support others who choose their Individual Freedom even if that means they ignore or disobey so-called laws and regulations created by cult of sociopaths who call themselves government.

The only honorable thing to do is question every ignorant moron who calls themselves government and ignore or defy their attempts at tyranny. These cults need hate and fear to convince ordinary folk to harm themselves and others by following their whims, laws, regulations, commands, and edicts. 

Take back your Individual Freedom one opportunity at a time and support the Individual Freedom of others when and where you can. There is risk in asserting our Individual Freedom for ourselves or protecting the Individual Freedom of others.    

Our greatest risk is passive acceptance of the rule of cults of sociopaths who rule by promoting hate, fear, death, disease, our poverty, tyranny, corruption, wars, deep destructive debt, counterfeit money, and other stupidity. They will kill or enslave you, me, family members, and generations to come if we do not take away the power of obsolete cults and their rule of madness.  

The people, for sale or rent, who call themselves the FDA and cults of sociopaths, for sale or rent, who call themselves government claim we’re too stupid to make decisions for ourselves… Therefore cults of sociopaths, for sale or rent, who call themselves government have appointed themselves as our owners. They insist they have the right to tell us what we will do and what we can’t do. 

Here is an expose of one of their many evil schemes of these POOpers for Profit and Power Over Others. 

Expect more soon. Bookmark us and explore if you want to discover more. 

Live Long, Free, & Blessed,

Don Winfield, Editor

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Politically Provided Monopoly Powers Murdered Small Business

Politically Provided Monopoly Powers Murdered Small Business For Profits & Power

Who else noticed that small businesses – which are difficult for bureaucrats to micro-manage – have been murdered for the benefit of mega-corporations and political power that has gone tyrannical? 

Here is one voice who has taken the time to highlight the numbers. A the saying goes, if you want to understand what is happening  “Follow the money.”

Most of us wouldn’t list 2020 as our best year. But you know who would? Amazon, Wal-Mart, Google, Apple, and a whole host of other big corporations who’ve seen their sales and stock prices soar amidst the pandemic.

Small businesses have been pummeled by excessive and insane governmental lockdowns of the economy. Experts warn that one third of small businesses could ultimately shut down for good, and hundreds of thousands have already done just that.

Meanwhile, Amazon’s sales increased 40 percent in the second quarter alone, while their stock price increased 97 percent. Apple hit a $2 trillion market cap, the first publicly traded company to do so, and reported nearly $60 billion in revenue. Since the pandemic began, Facebook’s stock rocketed up 85 percent, Google’s by 50 percent, Netflix by 63 percent, and Microsoft by 57 percent. All saw their revenues greatly increase compared to last year’s numbers as well.

The typical headlines have followed: The Rich Are Getting Richer During the Pandemic, How Billionaires Saw Their Net Worth Increase by Half A Trillion Dollars, and How Rich People Are Getting Richer During the Coronavirus. “Eat the rich,” a rallying cry against perceived inequality, appears all over Twitter, clothing items, and graffitied walls. And for many, the billionaires at the helms of successful corporations provide ready-made villains for society to dump its economic woes, righteous anger, and feelings of powerlessness onto.

The fault for this catastrophe does not rest on the corporations, and the anger many feel should be redirected towards the entity actually responsible for this situation.


To be sure, there is cause for indignation. Small businesses are the lifeblood of America. They comprise the majority of U.S. companies and employ nearly 50 percent of all our citizens. Not only are they an essential part of our economy though, they represent the American Dream – the idea that no matter who you are you can come here, work hard, do the right thing, and build something for yourself and your family.

There is no value more prized than that dream in our society, and small businesses are the tangible iteration of that ideal. To see these businesses and their owners so casually trampled on by our politicians strikes at the very soul of our nation. Millions of Americans are out of work, many others have lost everything they’ve worked to build with little to no recourse. The dream has become a nightmare.

But the fault for this catastrophe does not rest on the corporations, and the anger many feel should be redirected towards the entity actually responsible for this situation: the government.


From the very beginning of the pandemic, government stacked the deck in favor of some companies to the detriment of others. First, they arbitrarily decided which businesses were essential and which could be forced to close. In order to keep people in their homes, which the science shows was never effective at preventing the contagion in the first place, the government had to allow tech businesses to operate at full capacity. Without Netflix, Amazon, and UberEats, few would have agreed to stay in their homes for weeks on end. To a large extent, these big businesses deserve the boom they’ve experienced because they did provide essential needs for people during a crisis. That’s a market response that should be praised.

But, there were many other businesses who could have provided similar services and were not allowed to because the government deemed them non-essential. Part of this is due to the fact the larger companies had the capacity to rev up their delivery abilities, but part of this is because they spend millions of dollars lobbying politicians to ensure they always receive carve outs from the worst government policies.

Not only did government persecute certain businesses to the benefit of others, it also provided incentives, handouts, and other pork in the CARES Act that continued to favor big business. Twenty-five percent of the initial $2 trillion (remember, those are your tax dollars) went to big business, with $58 billion going to the airlines alone and another $17 billion to the military-industrial complex giant, Boeing.

Only $350 billion was earmarked for small businesses, and of that, $243 million “accidentally” went to large companies instead – leading some companies to return the money over the ensuing outrage. All in all, only 5 percent of the first round of PPP loans reached small businesses.

If we want to address inequality and create a fair playing field, we must stand against these types of government handouts the next time temptation strikes.


F.A. Hayek once said, “Laws must be general, equal, and certain.” When government intervenes in the economy, it rarely ends up impacting all business owners equally. Most often they end up benefiting those who already have connections and means in the first place.

The free market isn’t perfect. Even without government interference in the economy, many businesses would have been hurt by the pandemic as consumers chose to stay home or purchase alternative services. But at least the system would not have been rigged against the little guy. All businesses should have had the chance to innovate, respond to the emergency, and try their best to stay afloat. It should have been up to consumers, not the government, which ones succeeded or failed.

Cronyism isn’t capitalism, it’s a perversion of the free market and only possible at the hands of government. If we want to address inequality and create a fair playing field, we must stand against these types of government handouts the next time temptation strikes.

 Hannah Cox

Hannah Cox
Hannah Cox is a libertarian-conservative writer, commentator, and activist. She’s a Newsmax Insider and a Contributor to The Washington Examiner.

This article was originally published on Read the original article.

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Can Food Allergies Sabotage Cures?

Can Food Allergies Sabotage Cures?

Great presentation and discussion about allergies and how our unique allergic responses may make some of our choices counter-productive. 

According to world-renowned allergy pioneer, we can be allergic to anything. 

If we are allergic to a cure that works for everyone else, we need to find another cure, quit feeding ourselves toxins, and/or heal our allergic responses before we can achieve good results that others are receiving. 

cenczi / Pixabay

We have included some links below to a few of the topics mentioned in this interview. Enjoy.

Note: Although it’s generally not a good idea to tell people to leave your website temporarily, this is worth learning for those who don’t know what it is or how to use it. Control your videoWatch your way at your chosen play speed. Your mind works faster than the speakers speak. Plus, you can stop it or back up if needed. 

  1. Click on the video to start it…
  2. Click on YouTube in the bottom right corner and go to the YouTube Page. You can return here later for links to help you use what you learn… 
  3. You may have to watch an adv or part of one before your video starts…
  4. Choose the size of your screen. Regular, Wide, or Full Screen. To change back, press the escape key on your keyboard, or the squarish looking thing in the bottom right-hand corner… 
  5. Choose your speed setting by clicking on the little cog looking thing… You will see Autoplay – Annotations – Speed –  Subtitles – Quality (Probably, the way things work do change. You can figure it out.). To the right of Speed, click on the word Normal or the arrow and select a speed you can slow it down or speed it up. I recommend using 1.25 initially and go to 1.5 x pretty quickly. Then make your choices based on your experience.  
  6.  Subtitles are occasionally helpful but sometimes they do not make the correct choice from sound to text. It’s a “decide while watching choice” because sometimes it’s better than others and sometimes helps with heavy accents. 
  7. I leave the – Quality – selection on – Auto. They’re constantly changing and generally improving everything… So remember to test to see if a choice helps or not during a current viewing. “Test. Test. Test…” on an ongoing basis.  
  8. After the video come back here. Skim comments.  Go to our next page.
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Overcoming Food Allergies – These can create healing…

klimkin / Pixabay


sylviatansh / Pixabay




Mistletoe Trial – 






From the Townsend Letter
August/September 2004


Emanuel Revici, MD: Efforts to Publish the Clinical Findings of a Pioneer in Lipid-Based Cancer Therapy Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3
by Marcus A. Cohen


The Story of Dr. Revici

This is the story of Emanuel Revici M.D., his groundbreaking medical discoveries and his success in treating pain, cancer and other illnesses with his non-toxic “chemotherapy”. It is a true story of a physician whose work was published by the prestigious Pasteur Institute, yet who was subsequently persecuted and prosecuted by the medical establishment. Kelley Eidem captures a genuine feeling of this extraordinary physician often told through the experiences of Dr. Revici’s patients. This story will melt your heart.

Praise for Dr. Emanuel Revici, M.D.
“A man who is years ahead of his time—laying the foundation for twenty-first century medicine.”
Barry Sears, Ph.D.
Cancer Researcher, Author of The Zone and Mastering The Zone

“…the Louis Pasteur of our time… a treasure!”
Gary Null, Ph.D.
Author, Radio talk-show host

“Dr. Revici has cured many people who were otherwise considered incurable.
Seymour Brenner, M.D., F.A.C.R. 
Board Certified Radiation Oncologist

“I don’t know how he does it, but people walk in dead and walk out alive.
John Heller, M.D.
Former head of Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Center

“…I am absolutely convinced—that man is a genius.”
Pat McGrady, Sr. 
Former 25-year science editor for the American Cancer Society

“Revici’s treatment of cancer [is] far beyond my wildest expectations… His results are amazing…”
Louis E. Burns, M.D.

“When I worked with Revici… I saw terminal AIDS patients who improved. Some lived almost normal lives.”
A.R. Salman, M.D.

“I have never seen a more dedicated physician.”
Lawrence LeShan, Ph.D. 
Author of Cancer as a Turning Point

“…I know of no conventional oncologist who can match his results.”
Patrick M. McGrady Jr. 
Newsday Magazine



Please Note… When experts are talking about the benefits of Salt, they are NOT talking about processed white table salt.

Beneficial salt is sea salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, the salt named “Real Salt” and others salts that have not been messed with. 

Before you use a slat, investigate and make certain it’s good for you.

This provides good guidelines on water and salt intake:

How Much Water? How Much Salt?   
Q: How much water should I drink? How much salt should I eat?

Dr. Lynne August 
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Research Reveals Healthiest Green Tea On The Planet

Research Reveals Healthiest Green Tea on the Planet - Flickr Foto Serge -

Research Reveals Healthiest Green Tea On The Planet

Use This $100,000,000.00+ Discovery – to Make Your Next Cup of Tea – or Coffee – the Healthiest on the Planet…

Healthiest Green Tea on the Planet - Flickr Foto Serge -
Healthiest Green Tea on the Planet – Flickr Foto Serge –

How is this Green Tea different?

You can add the Health & Healing Benefits of 16 cups of Green Tea to One Cup of Your Tea or Coffee to create the Healthiest Green Tea or Coffee on the Planet… Do what other healthy and long-lived people do.

Long-lived, healthy Japanese average drinking over 10 cups of green tea per day.

You can add this special concentrate to the drink of your choice or swallow a convenient capsule.

I like opening and adding this Green Tea Capsule to my coffee pot in the morning. I’m getting 16 cups of Green Tea Health & Healing Benefits with my coffee.

In the afternoon I make one or more cups of tea or create lattes with it.

I swallow a capsule just before bed; because this decaffeinated green tea supports better sleep as well.

Three capsules per day are the equivalent of drinking 48 cups of Green Tea per day…

NOT Just Any Green Tea

$100,000,000.00 Accidental Green Tea Discovery

This twenty-year research project was started by Dr. D. James Morré, Ph.D. and Dr. Dorothy M. Morré, Ph.D. to discover a better method to identify cancer cells.

Mainstream methods of identifying cancer are years behind the development of cancer. Cancer may be growing over a period of 10 or 20 years before it is discovered.

Early discovery is better than late discovery; because you are dealing with a much smaller problem.

In their research into what is a healthy cell and what is an unhealthy cell, they stumbled across the historically known and justified reputation that green tea is good for health and longevity.

They created the ONCOblot® tests for the early detection of 24 forms of cancer.

They explored the benefits of Green Tea for cellular health.

A blend of Green Teas was created using their research that could provide the health benefits of drinking 16 cups of Green Tea in one cup of tea, coffee, or in one convenient, easy to swallow capsule.

Their research included:

  • What type of teas,
  • From what locations, (Definitely want to avoid polluted waters.)
  • When it should be harvested,
  • Preparation,
  • And More…

Then they added Cool Capsicum. The Hot portion of chili peppers is Capsicain. We are using the cool portion and not the hot portion. Both are good for you.

The Morré’s $100,000,000.00+ project with over 20 years of research also found that adding Capsicum could increase the effectiveness of Green Tea Healing Benefits 10+ Times.

So there’s just the right amount of capsicum in our tea to provide exceptional delivery of the health benefits of green tea into all the cells of our bodies.

I like the taste and, until recently, I almost never drank tea.

I still drink my 5-7 cups of coffee each morning… And coffee is an exceptional health supporting drink. But now I get the benefits of 16 cups of green tea in my coffee. I just open a capsule and add it to the bottom of my empty coffee pot and press the start button. It’s that easy.

I know that many people do not know of the recently proven health benefits of coffee. We’ll add a post about coffee benefits later and put a link here.

I have started drinking tea in the afternoons. I am experimenting with the many ways to add this $100,000,000.00 green tea to my food and drinks.

Some afternoons, I also just open the capsule to make a cup of $100,000,000.00 Green Tea; because it tastes good all by itself.

So if you want to improve your health and longevity or Golden Age (which is the experience of exceptional health with graceful aging), add this Japanese tradition of drinking over 10 cups of Green Tea per day to your daily schedule with this easy to use this $100,000,000.oo tea selection for over 16 cups per day in one cup of tea or one convenient capsule.

If you ordered 10 Cups Of Green Tea per day from Starbucks, that’s $37.50 daily or  $1,125.00 per month… Why that’s only $13,687.50 per year!

Thanks, Starbucks!

Or Skip Starbucks and Save $13,687.50 Today…
Add the Healthiest Green Tea on the Planet to Your Healthy Choices… 

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But There’s Got to Be a Catch Right?

In order to make this $100,000,000.00 green tea available for only $1.11 per capsule, we have chosen to offer the privately labeled 180 capsule bottle (That’s a 6 month supply at 1 capsule per day.) from triple MD: Dr. Ben Johnson, MD, DO, NMD and a Dr. of Science.

For A Limited Time, Save $13,289.50 Per Year from Starbucks and Get FREE Domestic Shipping to Add the Healthiest Green Tea on the Planet to Your Daily Schedule…  

Note: PayPal Credit Offers Interest-Free on Amounts of $99 Plus If Paid in Full Within 6 Months to Qualifying US Customers… To Load Up Just Proceed To Checkout for Full Details 

We Use PayBlue Shopping Cart with Stripe and PayPal for Credit Card Processing and PayPal Credit (PayPal Credit is One Easy Way to Stock Up for More Savings)

Today, Just $199 Total with Free Shipping in the USA for Your Next 6 Months of Health Benefits with 16 Cups of Green Tea in a Capsule or Added to Coffee or Tea for Only $1.11 Per Day


Disclaimer Alert! You are unique. Anything published on our Website is by necessity general information that may Not be applicable to you; because you are unique.

Some of the information may be about someone’s unique situation and experiences.

The information presented here is because we tea and coffee drinkers find it interesting and like to share our discoveries, questions, and thinking.

This may be a starting point to find out more while you enjoy your daily cups of green tea, coffee, lattes, or even a quick and tasty capsule; because we’re all pretty certain that we can trust the historical benefits of consuming green tea.

For A Limited Time, Save $13,289.50 Per Year from Starbucks and Get FREE Domestic Shipping to Add 6 months of the Healthiest Green Tea on the Planet to Your Daily Schedule… 

That’s 16 Cups of the Healthiest Green Tea on the Planet Per Day for only $1.11 Per Day


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our information, products, and services are Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Our information is for everyone, but each of us is unique. We don’t even know your name. Use your health providers to ask about your individual circumstances.  

By using this site you agree to our Disclaimers, Privacy Policy, and all Terms & Conditions printed on our website. Remember Freedom Is Void Where Prohibited By Law for the Benefit of the Politically Powerful…

PS – Follow our emails; because you will want to be informed as we create a program for Health Freedom, Helping Each Other Heal, and Age Reversal… 

We all have mental and physical toxins that we should and can reverse to some degree with Shared Wisdom and Health Freedom…

Health Freedom is the Cure to Any Diseases on the Planet… Including Old Age…

Help Us Increase Our Individual Freedom…

Freedom Unleashes the Innovators and the Collective Wisdom of the World Using Results Driven Free Markets, Competition, & Charitable Organizations…

We Choose to Exercise Our Individual Freedom as a Perfect Flavoring to Our Green Tea & Coffee!

Join Us for Health Freedom with other Mavericks as we launch from the country with the most expensive, most profitable, politically protected and promoted health cartels in the world.

Monopoly medicine provides pathetic performance. The US ranks at number 34 for performance, is getting worse each year while raking in incredible profits. 

Join Us: Start with 16 Cups of the Healthiest Green Tea on the Planet Per Day for only $1.11 Per Day

The Healthiest Tea on the Planet

This Green Tea is the Only Tea Created with Specifications from a $100,000,000.00+ Research Project…

Just drink or swallow 1 capsule daily… Order Yours Today

PS: What Is “”?

We are one answer to mainstream medical monopolies, cartels, and their political partners who don’t want mavericks to challenge their cash cows by exploring & sharing suppressed information…

Today, get 180 Capsules, a Full 6 Months Supply for $199 Dollars with Free Shipping in the US for a Limited time… 1 Capsule Per day supplies you the Health Benefits of 16 Cups of the Healthiest Green Tea Powder on the Planet… That’s $1.11 per Day or $33.11  per Month…

$100 Million Dollar Research Project Accidentally Reveals ?Healthiest Green Tea On The Planet… Order Now

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