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Who Else Prefers a Society that Asks others for what we want instead of snarling threats to punish, imprison, or kill those who don’t do what we tell them to do? Polite extortion & threats suck too. 

In our worlds based on the creation, protection, and promotion of Individual Freedom – and its inseparable components of Personal Liability – our principles come before loyalty to politicians, monopoly power, cartels, and following orders or obeying laws that violate principles that promote evil.

And we are the ones who decide what is good and what is evil. It’s fairly easy.

Good is the creation, promotion, and protection of Individual Freedom.

Evil is any action that blocks, reduces or attempts to eliminate the creation, promotion, and protection of Individual Freedom. Or we could say “Good versus Evil” as “Individual Freedom versus Tyranny.”  

In the Land of the Free, We Don’t Threaten or Demand… I Ask… You Decide…

We use Individual Freedom Ask Notices to Replace Copyrights Created by Kings & Tyrants to Sustain and Increase Their Power… 

If you decide to provide a similar notice, when typing consider using (IF), (IFAsk), (IFA), (Ask), (A) with a link to your Ask page, this page, or any other Ask Page you prefer.

The Freedom Plot… Our Freedom Plot is choose and use the principle of Individual Freedom and the Blessings IF/Asking creates to innovate and replace the tyranny of the ruling elite and the blind who think the elite are helping everyone else and not using POO to increase their vast fortunes through the biggest con jobs in history.


(IF) The Book of Individual Freedom  / (IF) Our Book of Individual Freedom

We use IF_Ask CopyFreedoms – We have the freedom to Ask. You have the freedom to accept, reject, modify, or ignore any author’s request or inventor’s claim. 

This Is Not Your Normal Copyright. 

Copyright is 2 words. It means right to copy. 

The principle of Individual Freedom means we write from a basis of Copy Freedom. We may Ask. You may agree of disagree. It’s your decision to do as you choose. 

Here are a few of the problems of tyranny provided copyright.

How do the ordinary people who call themselves our rulers get the right to force those who do not agree with their – schemes, dreams, and demands that they get paid – to pay them, to pay for the police, courts, prisons, tax collectors, and their expensive temples where we are supposed to worship them.?

We have been programmed to jump to a belief that majority rules. Isn’t that like saying gang rape is OK because the rapists outnumber the victims? 

As Marshall Criss, one of the leaders for alternatives to state schools and rules for the rest, used to ask, “How many people plus one turns wrong into right?”

How many generations are under the rules created by current regulators and politicians, no matter how stupid or corrupt?



In this IF Ask (Individual Freedom Ask) way of doing things, we Ask for what we’d like if you use something we think of as ours.

This Ask page is focused on ideas. Physical property requires a number of other considerations. 

When I willingly share ideas, no one loses. I believe many people gain. I can’t lose when I gift to others for everyone to see and use. 

Almost any form of government and all forms of self-government that I can think of plus Individual Freedom should be explored. 

I suspect that any form of service provision by any provider PLUS Individual Freedom has a decent chance of working well for its participants in Free Market interactions.   

The difference with physical property is that if you take my car I am left without one. If you duplicate my idea, we both have it.

If the idea we share is a good idea, you, me, and the rest of the world may benefit beyond our limited imaginations to conceive of the possible combinations of results created. 

Exchange of physical property is a Free Market Transaction where both parties think they benefit without fraud or the threat of violence.

The use of theft, extortion, or fraud to take physical property destroys many of the benefits of Individual Freedom. Acting like a ruling elite creates ripples of more bad decisions.   

Individual Freedom is our own internal choice to respect and protect the Individual Freedom of others and to innovate and use interactions mutually beneficial or to do our best to leave the other alone.   

I know a lot of people who would be thrilled to be left alone. 

Theft, extortion, and fraud are the everyday tools of all things called government. 

Government of Others is the disease we seek to make obsolete. Let’s individually replace Might Makes Right with Self-Government, Innovation, Competition, Free Markets, and Individual Freedom. 

We use the word “right” in this book rarely. 

This book is about Individual Freedom.

A “right,” as used today, implies someone else’s obligation to someone else’s opinion… Typically this supposed obligation is backed by escalating force to make others comply for the benefit of someone else.

Individual Freedom (IF) starts with Individual Decisions to Accept Responsibility for Our Lives and Our Willingness to Do Everything We Can to Choose & Use Only Structures That Provide Us Alternatives to POO> (POO means Power Over Others)… 

The opinions of individuals about “Rights,” the use of escalating force, and POO> are a formula for permanent immaturity, hate, wars, and making crimes out of our personal likes and dislikes.

We Don’t Threaten or Demand… We Ask…

I ask you to think about asking versus the alternatives.

I ask you to test asking for yourself. 


This is my Individual Freedom Ask… (IFA) For updated information and exploration of what we Ask, visit TheFreedomPlot.com/ask

There is no Freedom when you or I are forced to do what you or I say or what someone else says whether we agree or not.

Telling readers they must say “Yes” or “No” assumes power over us and others that we have never granted…

Current copyright and other laws halt the evolution of our personal wisdom and better legal systems that can only come from innovation and competition.

We can ask for what we want without threatening others and extorting or stealing money from others to pay for our prisons, police, courts, judges, parole officers, and more.

Copyrights, patents, and other monopoly tools originated with kings, other tyrants, and the criminal elite for the benefit of those who support them.

Criminal Copyright works this way… Do as we tell you or we will punish and/or kill you if you resist our monopoly power over you, your use of our property, and our choices.

The ruling elite believe they own and control everything, including you and me. We have nothing tyrannical governments and their monopolies do not attempt to control and tax. That includes generations not even born yet who will inherit the debt, hate, and tyranny that exist today.

I prefer Individual Freedom, which means Asking, Innovating, Competing, and Our Individual Freedom to Say “No!” as the better choice over “Might Makes Right” and other criminal powers. So this is a small step towards improving our worlds.   

The Individual Freedom Ask (IFA) approach starts with asking and respecting each other’s choices to say “Yes or No” or to innovate and choose another idea, another possibility, and perhaps a better world.

We are Free. And Freedom is the tool that allows us to move forward and replace obsolete ruling elites, their monopolies and empires with competing choices based on Our Individual Free Choice.    

Freedom is the condition that allows innovation and competition and provides us the opportunity to Grow Up. Government is the death of incredible progress and unlimited innovation to protect POO & Monopoly Profits.

Monopolies do allow some dribbles when needed to block complete defiance. Our rulers rewrite history and today’s news to take credit for everything good and to demand more power and money to control the evils they create.   

We may ask. We may lead by example. We may innovate. We may compete. We may say No to lunatics addicted to POO> Power Over Others.

Author’s Note – What this (A) Ask copyright page means for you.

If you receive this book without buying it, I ask you to gift me what you think it was worth to you and that you can comfortably afford TheFreedomPlot.com/Ask/

You may also barter or share it with others. You may charge or give it away as you think is right for you.

If you give it away, I ask in the book for people to gift me what they think it was worth to them and that they can comfortably afford on TheFreedomPlot.com/Ask/

If you choose to copy it, give it away, resell it, rewrite it, or add additional chapters.

I request you include my entire book unedited first and then add your own chapters, rewrites, or comments later. That’s my request. IF means you should do what you think best and always explore and innovate.

Copy It for Yourself or Others – Pay me if and what you think you should and can, or nothing at all. If you copy and give it away, they see this request too. They can decide for themselves.

Provide me if and what you think you should and can, or nothing at all.

Idea starters – Do searches for “Calculating Royalties”

Paperback 4%-15% Hardcover: 10% – 15% Ebook: 25% to 50%

Sliding Scales are based on performance. eg slide from 4% to 15%…

Royalties are paid on retail with return reductions…

Because there is no Free Market involved and All circumstances are Unique, we don’t have great historical guidelines.

You and what you choose are part of what will help others decide what they should do or not when faced with the same decisions.

I recommend you include your own insights into this topic. 

Rewrite this book, or add additional chapters:

I would prefer you include my book in its entirety with your rewrite.

I would prefer for you to include my book with the cover as is without interruption because I think it is more persuasive that way… I could be wrong.

You could put your cover on top of mine…

You may and should do as you think best. I publish this book at my risk and not yours.


What you do or don’t do is your individual responsibility. This book explores Individual Freedom. IF includes our ability to be wrong and liable. You are liable for what you do or don’t do and how you use this information.

This book is published under our “Individual Freedom Ask” way of life. I encourage everyone to question, innovate, and think how others benefit from our actions. And I ask you to Innovate.

“Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of, who do the things no one can imagine.” ~ Alan Turing… Turing broke the unbreakable Nazi Code in World War 2 by inventing and building the first foundational computer that lead to our modern computers. 

POO means Power Over Others… We have all had this failing where we thought taking power over others was just and beneficial.

Be kind and patient with all who do not yet understand that POO> is evil… And evil begets evil. 

We Don’t Threaten or Demand… We Ask… You Decide… 

PS – The Hidden Cost And Violence Of Copyright Laws & Patents for the Benefit of the Few…

The US government accounting office once did an analysis of how much money collected by the US Government actually went to helping a disaster zone. The figure was 15% if I remember correctly.

Shouldn’t we consider all the costs involved when we use violence, fraud, theft, wars, and extortion for any purpose?

I can’t think of any benefits that justify the extreme wickedness and destruction created by the politically powerful. 

We will be adding additional pages on this intriguing topic with some first-class heresies.