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Voting is dishonest and fraudulent

Voting is dishonest and fraudulent

Perhaps the people are grasping reality in spite of indoctrination we have been subjected to via our schools, media, government, and others who wish to maintain the status quo, i.e. the few controlling, and living at the expense of, the many.

This country was founded on the principle of individual rights to life, liberty, and properly which are inherent in the nature of man.

Yet today most laws, regulations, and taxes are clear violations of the rights of the individual in favor of the group, society, government, the collective.

Is not forced busing the result of forced schooling? (Indoctrination?)

Isn’t this a violation of individual rights?

If government derives Its powers from the governed, how can it be “legal” for government to do things that are “illegal” for the individual? Consider gambling. (State lotteries & casino licenses)

Will the stale soon start selling drugs to raise “needed revenue”?

Why not some states sell or control and tax alcohol!  (They do or may as well)

This is for the good of the people. Right?

Has it ever dawned on the editors that the attitudes ol the 70 million projected non – voters may he very consistent with the reality that the concept of voting and electing representatives is basically dishonest arid fraudulent?

If voting could change anything It would be made illegal!

There is no way any politician can legally represent anyone because he was elected on a secret ballot by a small percentage of voters. He then claims to represent the people who voted against him and even those who wisely chose not to participate in such criminal activity.

You say those 70 million stay – at – homes Will forfeit their right to complain about the way they are governed.

Being enlightened, they are perhaps saying they do not want any part of a system where coercion in the form of taxation which is the taking of property allegedly being protected and war which is nothing less than murder is the sole means of its existence.

If you vote and are in the majority you violate the rights of the minority, or vice versa.

The implication is “might makes right”.

If you vote you are implicitly agreeing to play the coercion game and must accept the results. If a person doesn’t vote or otherwise participate in the aggression of government they are on very sound, consistent moral grounds as they attempt to live in peace and liberty.

Which are you for, individual freedom, or the tyranny of a dictator, the majority, or so-called law?

I think it is time the media made it explicitly clear where they stand.

We cannot be part-slave and free at the same time. It is amazing how many humans will accept almost anything and even adjust to living in chains if told to do so.

By its very nature politics is corrupt.

Let us not be beguiled into going along with the establishment. Let us show them we are aware and demand our freedom by not voting or otherwise sanctioning aggression.

The coercive society can only exist with the sanction of us, its victims. If we want liberty and peace we must not attempt to shun responsibility by voting while politicians plunder us.

by Robert S, Borden, M.D. North Main St., Facts on Democrats PELHAM, N.H.

Clipped from The Lowell Sun, 24 Sep 1976, Fri,  Page 7 – Letters to the Editor 

According to Quora:  Bob Borden is the likely originator of this saying. 


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How To Frame Socialism To Ignore Freedom

How To Frame Socialism To Ignore Freedom

Who wants to learn how to be immune to manipulation? 

That’s not possible. 

But we can learn how we are manipulated and protect ourselves most of the time from those who would manipulate us to further evil. As we learn to defeat manipulators, we help others at the same time. 

Why is manipulation so effective? 

Largely because manipulation uses the pathways we use every day to make decisions. We decide emotionally or for other “out of conscious mind” reasons and then seek support for why we do what we do. 

We suffer the illusion that we have considered the pertinent facts and details before we decided. Once we learn That’s NOT True, we can remember to stop and do radical rethinking about some of our beliefs and decisions. 

We can review our beliefs from a higher state of awareness to find stepping stones to become better people.

Manipulation can be built on our weaknesses.

A great way to cancel the power of manipulators is through continuous questioning, seeking, and self-improvement.  

Do we dare to go there? Do we dare to seek our highest best selves to benefit each other? 

Good news. It’s fun, fascinating, and a tad scary.  


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The Dark Art of Framing

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Why do intelligent people – sometimes even our friends and family members – continue to fall for the Left’s false narrative? Jeff Myers, President of Summit Ministries, offers some compelling insight into the ways in which the Left manipulates words and emotions, and what you can do to protect yourself. This video was made possible through our partnership with Summit Ministries.