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Exercise Was a Mixed Blessing Until the Cellerciser Rebounder

Exercise Was Boring and Painful Until the Cellerciser Rebounder

How does Dave Hall look? He is in his 60’s in this first of four videos. Click the first link that follows this introduction. 

If your instructor doesn’t look good or if that instructor is young enough that watching someone else play ping pong would keep them fit, you need to find a more qualified instructor. Find someone who has overcome the assault of aging.  

I’ll explain the purpose of each video as we go and you’ll see how much better the “How To’s” to maximize your benefits from your Cellerciser is today. I bought mine 22 years ago.

The BIG change is the evolution of the exercises as simpler and more effective use of the physics of well-designed and well-built trampolines and mini-trampolines.

Exercise fun? Remember the joy of jumping up and down on beds and sofas and anything we could find that bounced us when we were kids? 

Bouncing is fun at any age. Let your exercise be fun too!

My Cellerciser Rebounder exercises every cell in my body at the same time.

If I tried to exercise every cell in my body using any combinations of exercise programs…  It’s not possible with any amount of exercise or combination of weight lifting, tai-chi, running, push-ups, or all of the hundreds of gadgets costing thousands of dollars. 

Much of the original research was done by NASA for the astronaut training programs because of the exceptional health benefits noted for trampoline enthusiasts. You’ll see more below. 

With your easy to use, low impact, low stress, 10 minutes a day Cellerciser routine, you can create amazing benefits for your health and any part of your body that is calling for help. 

The Celluciser is designed to last our lifetimes. I have the same one today I bought 22 years ago.

Now Discover why this is one of the best programs for your health and healing available today at any price.

1. Hedda Adler’s Natural Facelift with Dave Hall

Published on Mar 26, 2017 

 In this video, Dave Hall mentions his age and shows what he looks like in his 60’s. This is important because a lot of videos have been around for 30 years or more. 

He is in the shape he is in using fun, low impact, low stress, easy to do exercises that create phenomenal results in 10 minutes a day. 

I know one of the doctors, Dr. Ward Dean, who researched its value for astronauts for NASA and gave the technology glowing endorsement. 

A well designed and well-built rebounder (Cellerciser) exercises every cell of the body at the same time.

If you use traditional exercise, you do one thing for this and another for that. 

Even exercise maniacs can’t equal the healthy results you can get on a Cellerciser in a fraction of the time, for a fraction of the effort and without a small fortune in equipment, or memberships, and hours in a gym.  

He shares how his clients have reported how they got rid of turkey neck, cellulite, and other issues of aging. 

2.  David Hall’s Ultimate Cellercise Balance Challenge

   10:01    Swat Team Story 

David Hall’s Ultimate Cellercise Balance Challenge

Published on Jan 11, 2010

This video is a repeat of a closed demonstration Dave gave to Las Vegas SWAT Teams. Every SWAT team member at the demo bought a Cellercise Rebounder.

I included this video because it shows how easy it is to exercise and get results that individuals trained for peak physical conditioning – like firemen, SWAT Teams, Special Forces – have not succeeded in getting. They’re in good shape but the cellerciser does things you can’t do other ways. 

While trampolining, as long as the G-force remained below 4-Gs, the ratio of oxygen consumption compared to biomechani- cal conditioning was sometimes more than twice as efficient as treadmill running.


It is Important to note that although this experiment was performed on a trampoline where the participants were able to develop a G-force as high as 8-G’s, the efficient use of energy was below 4-G’s.


People involved in rebound exercise on rebound units have been measured only as high as 3.5-G’s, (United States Air Force, Dr. Ward Dean) so that any activity on a rebound unit is more efficient than treadmill running at any speed.

See for yourself how to use easy, fun exercise for superior results in 10 minutes per day. 

Also note how these simple low stress, almost no strain, easy to do, fun exercises eliminated the need for Knee Surgeries, Back Surgeries, Hip Surgeries.


3.  Cellercise – Full Rebounder Workout

This video shows you how to do a complete workout in 10 minutes a day.

He also shows you how to focus on different areas that everyone seems to want to improve. 

Easy, fun, affordable, low impact, low stress, and effective in almost no time each day.

My affiliate link for anyone who wants a Celluciser is:

I’ve owned mine for twenty-two years now. First, I made the mistakes of buying cheap ones. I didn’t know there was any difference besides price.

The early research information was mostly about the health benefits of full-sized trampolines. There were a number of risks to the big trampolines. 

Rebounders came from the trampoline craze. Lower risk. Cheaper. Fun. 

The benefits were Unknown beyond; if you’re working up a sweat, you’re getting exercise. 

I bought one cheap rebounder that was useless after I used it the first time. It was stretched and there was no bounce. It was like jumping up and down on the floor. 

I bought others that also died in 30 to 90 days. Most were priced $50 to $100 and more. 

They weren’t worth a dime. There’s no telling how much I spent hoping to find great quality in cheap and not so cheap rebounders. 

Today, I know that they were not only defective, I could have injured me badly and I was unlikely to get any health benefit worth the risk. 

Time went by. 

I was running live seminars on how to take control of your life when I heard about Dave and his Cellercisers. 

I invited him to be a guest speaker. I bought my unit from him and still have it today over 20 years later. He only offers a five-year warranty. I doubt he has many takers. 

This is the really important point, we all knew good rebounders were great.

Today we know how to use them. Back then we just jumped around.

When you know what you’re doing, you can create incredible results in a matter of weeks, with little effort at about 10 minutes a day. That’s why I’m providing these video links. 

You have no idea how much more effective the difference is when you know what you’re doing. 

Back when I started I thought you just jump and then jump harder and higher… That’s not only wrong, it’s absurdly wrong.

As you watch the videos, you’re going to discover how incredibly easy and simple it is to get great results in little time with low-stress exercise. 

Although many people have had great successes in 3 weeks, it’s probably more important to feel and see the changes you get in a short period of time.

We’re all different. If you see and feel the results – and maybe hear 1 compliment or more – it’s pretty easy to keep going to get where you want to go, and then keep going to keep what you got.

Remember. Easy. Affordable (Less than $500 on one or multiple payments) Low Stress. 10 Minutes a Day. Fun. Effective. Oh yeah, and portable. 

Get yours today. Here’s my link.

PS – I’ve had my Cellercizer since 1996 when I was producing live seminars on Self-Help Solutions.

David Hall explains the difference between different quality levels of the rebounders on the market, and why the cellerciser is the best choice for you and your health.


I want to add this comment I made to a YouTube Video where someone jumped on 7 rebounders for about 19 seconds each and passed judgment. 19 Seconds> Give me a break.


You can’t judge 7 rebounders in 19 seconds each. I bought cheap rebounders at first. I didn’t know any better either. You can spend hundreds each year on disposable rebounders that can harm you or do like I did and spend about $18 a year for a good one. I’ll explain my experience and results a bit further on.

The cheapies were unusable in 30 to 90 days. I bought one that broke in 1 day. The store swapped it out and that one broke immediately as well.

I weighed about 160 lbs. Any rebounder should be able to handle well over 200 pounds. Buying cheap rebounders becomes a treadmill to buying more bad rebounders.

Some of the original health research done by NASA was on trampolines; not the cheapest, smallest, flimsiest rebounder for sale. NASA spent more than 19 seconds in research.

Cheap rebounders can harm you when the springs or surface mat stretches. Then you start hitting the floor and accomplish nothing good.

About 22 years ago I heard about and bought a Cellerciser. I still use the same one today, every day.

Think it through. I spent hundreds on rebounders that suck and had to be tossed. They were expensive, ineffective, short-lived, and potentially harmful.

Then I spent about $400. for a cellerciser or about $18 a year and we’re still going.

A great reason for the cellerciser is the training on how to get great results in 10 minutes a day. You will also learn how to overcome common problems everyone complains about.

You can learn from my experience or learn from your own. I recommend the Cellerciser.
This is Don Winfield for the GreenTeaCoffeeClub site rebounder post. 


 Who can use the Cellerciser

Cellerciser founder David Hall explains how everybody from young children to older, elderly people benefit from Cellerciser’s unique form of exercise. Visit the Cellercise website to learn more about our rebounders and exercise program:


Cellercise: Q&A – Why only 10 minutes a day? 

Exercise each muscle one at a time or ???


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