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Name: Don Winfield
Re: “An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field.” ― Niels Bohr

Once upon a time I was a proud taxpayer.

Yeah I know, I was pretty stupid. Doug Casey defines "Stupid" as "Not necessarily of low intelligence; but, unwitting actions that contribute to self-destruction."

Here's a biggee I learned from my many mistakes:

As Walt Kelley's Pogo Cartoon Character once put it, "We Have Met The Enemy And Our Enemy Is Us." 

Typically it takes a lot of repetition for us to change our beliefs. We can learn a lot faster than we can change what we learned, especially if what we learned is wrong or unproven. 

Our minds tend to jump to the defense of our beliefs when any belief of ours is challenged. Once we learn how bad we are about defending our beliefs, we improve. But we ain't perfect.  

This means if we call those who disagree with us, Brain Dead, Sheeple, Zombies and other famous names are totally counterproductive.

We can help people to discover new ideas once we learn to avoid spring-loaded traps that snap someone's mind shut if we appear to attack their beliefs.

For instance, we can make statements or questions. 

  1. "Do you think we have too much government?" Versus telling them" "We have way too much government!"
  2. "Why do you think governments don't work as intended?" Versus telling them, "Government doesn't work because of special interests and corruption."
  3. "Do you think our government has ever worked?" This is a tricky question because didn't we learn government worked from government-provided schools? Don't private schools and home schools have to use government-approved textbooks and/or must pass tests provided by bureaucrats saying how great our bureaucratic systems are?...
    So were we taught "The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth?" Or were we taught current opinion, wishful thinking, and propaganda to program us to believe what we were taught are all facts forever true? 
  4. Do gargantuan governments work for the benefit of any but master manipulators and their puppets?
  5. Have we been fed a lot of propaganda to create the illusion that our political circuses are our sources of everything good and all of today's problems are because we aren't giving those who say they should rule us enough of our money and enough control over our lives?
  6. And why are other people running our lives - instead of their own? 
  7. How is it that everyone's life should be run by someone else?  

Remember we have good news.

We are going to share and explore, one way to transform our worlds - when there is no way, that ONE way, can accomplish anything of lasting value.

I love unraveling paradoxes.

“The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth.”
Niels Bohr
Danish physicist who made foundational contributions to understanding atomic structure and quantum mechanics, for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922.

I hope you'll enjoy exploring revelations about how we are manipulated, stripped of our money and property, and deliberately stressed by ruling elites because stress interferes with our thinking, creates bad health, and feeds incredible amounts of our money to mainstream medical and drug monopolies.

Part of our challenge is to explain how Freedom Works without getting lost trying to explain each individual interaction will work with less control over others and more control over ourselves.

We hope you enjoy our ways of providing you tools to decide things simply for yourself. 

We use the word "Freedom" to mean "Individual Freedom." Many people use the word "Freedom" many different ways. It's helpful to understand how words are used if we expect to communicate with others and clarify our own thinking.

There is no one right way to use a word. Words were made before dictionaries. New words are created non-stop, definitions to existing words change, and dictionaries change to follow our word usage.

We cannot control language. Any attempt to control someone else's use of words is censorship and an attempt to manipulate their minds.

The solution to this manipulation of language to control or influence the thinking of others Can Never Be Solved by seeking POO (Power Over Others) to control their thinking via our beliefs. 

We can remember to tell people what we mean when we use a word in case they use a word(s) differently from us.

We have Our Individual Freedom to control what we say and how we say it.

Back to my stupid beliefs: I had bragged that I paid city, county, state, and federal governments more in taxes than I paid myself.

I thought I was doing my duty to support my countrymen. It didn't occur to me that I was feeding our oppressors with funding for more oppression.

I didn't stop to think about "What is a country?" and "What Is My Country?"

I was in the nightclub business. I had to buy licenses from the state, city, and county cost about $600 each ($1,800) if I remember correctly. That bought me the privilege of paying them a percentage of gross on liquor sales of 21.3% or thereabouts plus sales taxes on food and beer.

The Feds got paid when I bought the liquor as did the state governments and then I was unpaid employee to collect taxes and social security for the convenience and benefit of the government. And I had to match the money I collected from my employees for the social security Ponzi Scheme.

One way to look at things is that you and I are owned by politicians who squander our money and run our lives. They conquer other countries and tell everyone they're doing it in our name for our benefit.

One day, after my 3 nightclubs went bankrupt, and the IRS took the bulk of the proceeds from the sale of my home because of their claims to own me, my property, and my business. They said I still owed them their share and they took what little I had left. I began to question the value of gargantuan government.

I can't tell the entire story here and it's not needed. The above was what kickstarted my education in how government worked and years of investigation and unsuccessful attempts to figure our how to make it better. 

Quick summary of what followed over the next 30 years or so.

I went to democratic party meetings and couldn't stand some of their ideas on economics. They also didn't seem very consistent on protecting the civil rights of others and wars.

I went to republican party meeting and couldn't stand their ideas on war, censorship, and controlling the behavior of other people. They also didn't seem to be very consistent on our rights to control our money, property, and lives.

Rights - For practical purposes, we will not use the word "rights," because it means so many different things to so many different people that it gives politicians outstanding opportunities to confuse everyone.

"Rights" is a concept that implies duties by others for the benefit of those with rights created by political power over others.

"Rights" are a continuing source of conflict as people attempt to control who owes who what, how much, who decides, and who gets to transform their wishes into laws to be enforced by the use of force.

We honor "Individual Freedom" which does not require duties by others for the benefit of those with political power.  

That is one reason we do not spend our time chasing the levers of taxation, control, and legalized violence over others.

Another big reason is that the quest for political power to end or reduce political power is little more than a cat chasing its tail. 

Then I discovered the Libertarian Party and went from not knowing what Libertarianism meant to LP State Chair in about 90 days.

I was State Coordinator for the Fully Informed Jury Association.

I was involved with different groups attempting to limit legal excess and corruption by using legal strategies to limit the excesses of those I came to think of as government gangsters. 

I studied, supported, and promoted foundations in the areas of privatization, health freedom, right to petition, tried to convince and rally legislators to honor state and federal constitutions.

Those few with political power and know how willing to help were massively outnumbered by those in love with the power, prestige, paychecks, and perks of government service to themselves and monopolies. 

I produced seminars with a focus on taking back control and responsibility for our own lives.

Producing seminars and helping others product other seminars was the fastest way for me to learn and explore the cutting edge to create Individual Freedom in our worlds which doesn't have much Freedom at all.

When we die, do we want to have lived as someone else's property or do we want a life that we were individually in charge of? Who is responsible for our lives? Us or bureaucrats, politicians, and their enforcers?

So I'm here to tell you why about what I did as I stumbled through a cleverly designed mouse maze...

We can fix the problems created by out of control politicians, bureaucrats, and the monopoly powers they promote, preserve, and protect

We cannot expect those who benefit from creating and managing problems to stop adding to their power, prestige, paychecks, privileges, and perversions (Addiction to Power Over Others) by releasing their stranglehold over all of us.

Although estimates differ, the combined on and off the book federal debt that our children and their children's children can expect to inherit is over $190 Trillion Dollars. The exact amount is probably impossible to calculate; but, it will eventually zoom past the $190 Trillion Mark if not already there.

That's a big problem.

DC is the seat of an empire that seeks more and more power. So they fuel anger that boils over into hate and uses hate, fear, and jealousy to try to manipulate you, me, and others.

Politicians create enemies around the globe for you and me who do not understand that we are serfs to our political elite and don't approve of our rulers in DC.

We are cursed with too many laws to read in a lifetime. Those laws are contradictory, pervasive, and petty. Everyone is guilty or not guilty of felonies every day as prosecutors choose. If a prosecutor chooses to destroy someone, all they have to do is indict us. This will lead to our financial destruction and/or imprisonment. 

The prison monopoly wants to absorb more and more prisoners because they get paid for volume no matter how stupid the law or unjust the sentence. And they benefit every time a prisoner returns to jail. What a stupid system. 

You and I can't afford the same teams of legal brigades that monopolies and the government can bring to bear against us.

Courts are Trial by Combat. The best-funded can hire the best warriors. Justice is irrelevant. 

The prosecution and the judges get their paychecks, power, position, promotions, and perks from the same source. The judge controls the livelihood of any defense counsel you or I could hire. The prosecution may freeze the resources of their victims. 

The judge makes blatantly bad decisions stating that if the honorable judge is wrong, a mere $250,000 appeal can set the matter right. 

The battle generally goes to those who can afford the best knights in civil matters.

In all criminal matters, we are prosecuted by the state which has virtually unlimited resources. 

Our resources and time are devoured by a monster that smashes forward and consumes anything in its way.

Our courts are not about justice. They are about winning, losing, and the prosecutors' success records and opportunities to springboard off their victims to higher office.  Justice Be Damned.

Ever Heard "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again then expecting different results"?

We'll explore a huge paradox in that phrase in our Paradox Pages.

  1. People want to know how everything will work if governments will work. I spent 30 years trying to learn how who'll build roads, fight wars, provide utilities, time traffic lights, protect us from guys with guns and masks who use force and violence to get their way and who aren't the police?  WW


The Moon.

Despite all this, we need about 3%...

Force, Violence and Fraud are the tools of criminals and politicians with power with the benefits going to the top of a pyramid...

Universal Love is an unlikely outcome of earthly conflict resolution...

Socialism is based on organized theft with the benefits going to the top of a pyramid...

Capitalism thrives on monopoly power granted by Godzilla Government with the benefits, power, and control going to the top of a 1% pyramid... 


The Means Never Justify the Ends Because...

Why Today?

According to research, if you do something as simple as registering now, you are highly likely to make decisions that favor individual freedom in the future.

If you don't do it now, you won't, because other things grab our attention and we lose why we're here now.

The Freedom Plot... Because Unleashing Freedom Means The Death Of Politics, Monopoly, And Scarcity


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